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Hospital Bag Essentials

I had every intention of packing my hospital bag a week or two in advance and being oh so prepared this time around! Then we scheduled our induction date (and found out I was not progressing much on my own) so I waited until the night before to pack our bags. Ha! I’m happy to say, that this time around I didn’t forget nearly as much as I did when Ellie was born (I actually remembered a hairbrush!)

Hospital Bag essentials
blanket: Captain Silly Pants | Diaper Bag: c/o Lily Jade

Anyway! Despite totally neglecting packing, I managed to pack everything we needed for our little hospital stay. Ok, ok, we did forget one thing…the car seat! We took Brian’s car to the hospital and the car seat happened to be in the other car. No big deal, it was an easy switch, but hilarious that we managed to forget one of the most important things! Anyway, onto the list! Here’s what I packed for me, baby, and even Ellie, plus a list of things that I left at home. You can also download a printable hospital packing list at the bottom!

addison first week (54)
What I packed for me:

Going Home Outfit – I’m all for being super comfortable after birth, so I brought a loose, flowy top and my favorite pair of sweats for my going home outfit. I made sure that whatever I brought to wear post-birth fit me while I was pregnant, because let’s face it, I still looked prego as I headed out the door. 😉
Comfy Clothes – I typically spend the first day in that large, open backed hospital gown, but after day one I’m ready for my own clothes. I brought along a pair of sweats or two and a loose top. When visitors came, I felt much more covered in my own clothes versus wearing the gown the hospital provides.
Robe – This time around I brought a lightweight robe with me and it was amazing. I picked up this one in black and could wear it every day! It’s super soft and makes nursing really easy.
Nursing Bra or Tank – As with Ellie’s birth, I loved wearing a nursing bra under my hospital gown. It made me feel a little less…exposed if you will! I really love the sports bra type nursing bras for the first little bit – no underwire to worry about! Another favorite? Nursing tanks! These tanks from Target fit perfectly under my robe and made nursing a breeze. (The gray striped cami is my current fav!)
Socks – My feet always get cold after an epidural. Socks are a must!
Flip Flops – After watching what ended up on the floor during delievery (sorry for the visual) I couldn’t bring myself to walk barefoot. Flip flops worked great for the multiple trips to the bathroom.
Toiletries – If I can get up and get ready in the morning during my stay, I feel so much better while I let my body recover. I brought along a few essentials – makeup, toothbrush / toothpaste, hairbrush and elastics, travel sized shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, lotion, glasses, contacts, etc. Totally spaced packing any kind of chapstick, but thankfully my mom saved the day and brought me some!
My Pillow – I’m one of those “pillow people,” you know the ones that can’t sleep without that pillow? Ha! I brought along my pillow for after delivery and it made sleeping so much better.

What I left at home:

Maxi Pads – The hospital provided a selection of different sized pads, so I left all maxi pads at home. The nurses loaded me up with lots of extra pads to bring home as well.
Underwear – I don’t mind the mesh panties the hospital provides (and hey, no laundry after!) so I leave all underwear at home and make sure I stock up on the mesh panties to bring home with me after!
Lanolin – Again, the hospital provided Lanolin, so I left this at home, too!

addison first week (53)

What I packed for baby:

Going Home Outfit – Ok, actually I packed two. Just in case of the chance of a blowout right before you buckle the car seat. Better safe than sorry, right? I picked up Addie’s going home outfit at The Baby Cubby (found online here!)
Swaddling Blankets – I’m all for bringing a few swaddling blankets to the hospital, they make for adorable pictures! I love these pom pom swaddle blankets from Little Ewe and Me and of course, Captain Silly Pants blankets.
Headbands – The hospital always puts little tiny bows in my girls hair, but it’s always too goopy and sticky! I opted to bring a few headbands this time around. We love these felt bows and flowers from Bumbelou. 
Pacifier – Since I never know what kind of pacifier each baby will like, I brought a few of these along with me. Turns out, Addie preferred the Soothers from the hospital (so we took a few of those home with us, too!)
Sibling Gift – Ellie brought along a present to give to baby sister at the hospital, so I wanted to surprise her with a gift, too! I contemplated buying another baby doll, but she’s super attached to her “Baby Anna” so I knew it would eventually just go to the wayside. Instead, I opted for a Doctor Kit (similar here) and it’s been a huge hit! She has been giving baby sis lots of (very soft) checkups.

What I left at home: 

Diapers, Wipes, and Burp Cloths – The hospital provided all of these and sent us home with a bunch!
Other Outfits – With the umbilical cord stump and frequent checks from the nurses, I found it was just easier to leave Addie in the little white shirt provided at the hospital. The cute clothes could wait till we got home.

Hospital Bag (5)

Everything Else I Packed:

PJs, Outfit, and Toiletries for Dad – We’re never certain if Brian will end up sleeping on the highly uncomfortable cot or making the trek home, so I packed in a few items for him, just in case. Turns out, he did attempt sleeping at the hospital, so having a change of clothes was necessary!
Electronics / Chargers – Camera, phone, laptop, all the important items for sharing pictures of our sweet new babe!
Wallet – I made sure my wallet was filled with the essentials – ID, insurance cards, etc.I packed all of these things and baby items in my adorable Lily Jade diaper bag. There’s so many pockets it fits all the baby stuff, plus my camera and laptop/tablet perfectly!

What I forgot: 

Snacks –  Thankfully at our hospital we had a snack room filled with snacks and drinks. I always had Brian bring me a few snacks before I went to bed because I always woke up starving in the middle of the night when I was breastfeeding.
Car Seat – Ha! Parent fail.:)

Hospital Bag Essentials Printable
What else did you pack in your hospital bag? Anything you couldn’t live without!? If you’re a list maker like me, I made a hospital bag packing list just for you! Since everyone has different packing lists and needs, I left it blank for you to fill in. You can download the printable HERE. xo
Alexa Zurcher




  • Anonymous

    I LOVE that she's been giving her little sis "check ups"! Too cute! As for the socks, that is definitely something you have to have in the hospital. Thankfully our delivery and recovery rooms were separate so I didn't have to worry about what was on the floor…phew!

  • Adrienne

    This is such a good list! I over-packed for our first but for our 3rd, my bag looked a lot like this. There is so much the hospital gives you and so much you just won't use. Great post 😉 and your baby girls are just precious! Congratulations!

  • bright & bold

    Seriously, love this! Thank you so much for this list, I know what to pack & expect!

  • Unknown

    oh my goodness, we're twins. i packed EXACTLY the same things with baby number two (except headbands since we had a boy;)! i don't like overpacking so i tried to bring the bare minimum but i got a comfy robe for this time around, brought along the nursing bras, and had to have my little squishy pillow I love. i also brought two outfits for baby boy but mostly kept him in the hospital stuff like big sis. we also deliver at Orem Community and i basically raided them of all Lorna Doones…i love those things. and i love that they provide mesh undies (also they were better this time! not quite as crappy!), pads, recovery stuff, and baby stuff. i really like that hospital…both times the nurses treated me like a queen. i love that we have so much in common. you're too cool, alexa. 🙂

  • missijay

    Seriously cannot thank you enough for this list! SO extremely helpful! But, I have been looking everywhere for a good robe that is great for nursing but not too hot or exposing. And I noticed the link just takes me to the target website. Would you be so willing to let me know what one you got? You've had two kiddos now, so I completely trust your judgment on this 🙂

  • April @ Hansen Love

    This is an excellent list. Being a first time mom I brought everything in my bag just in case, but I think next time around my bag would look VERY similar to yours! I did bring some movies with me to have playing in the background when it was just Jake, B and I chilling in our room during the afternoon. I was also VERY grateful for all of my snacks that I brought! I agree with the mesh undies, I don't know why some people are against them! They are wonderful! 🙂 as wonderful as post delivery underwear can go!

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