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That time it was freezing but we ate milkshakes anyway

One evening while camping, we headed over to Oceanside pier to make our way down to Ruby’s diner. We had heard about their famous milkshakes and decided all campers needed a frozen treat! Little did we know that we would be the frozen ones by the end of our adventure. It was windy and blustery and cold! Regardless, we ordered milkshakes anyway. Turns out we all have that never-say-no-to-icecream gene 😉 Which was a good thing too, the milkshakes were delicious. The pier was awesome (and huge!) and Ellie adored all the birds we saw along the way and still talks about the one that “snapped at my face!” she says.

Oceanside Pier (1)Oceanside Pier (10)Oceanside Pier (9)Oceanside Pier (13)Oceanside Pier (18)Oceanside Pier (25)Oceanside Pier (19)Oceanside Pier (29)Oceanside Pier (23)Oceanside Pier (24)Oceanside Pier (31)Oceanside Pier (33)Oceanside Pier (38)Oceanside Pier (41)

Alexa Zurcher




  • Kirst Semler

    Ruby's is definitely a family favorite of ours! Looks like so much fun! I'm a little late catching up, but congrats on your new addition! So happy for you guys!

  • Simply Alexandra // My Favorite Things

    Cute this looks so fun! I love pelicans. 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  • Bellove

    I love Your lovely family photo! You're so happy!

  • Chelannigans

    This post was adorable! All of the photos were perfect!!

  • Susan Stange

    Mmmmm!!! Ruby's is so yummy!!! Looks like a good time was had by all! I love Oceanside so much!

  • Jessica

    Love the pictures! You can't even tell by looking at them that it's cold. 🙂 And your little girl is so stinking cute!

    I have a thing where I can eat snow cones anytime no matter what the weather is. I hate that those snow cone places close during the winter. I go through withdrawals. Sadness.

    My Peanut Butter Problem

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