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Favorite Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials 2

The weather has finally warmed up after a rainy May, the neighborhood kids are out of school, and we’ve been hitting up the park and splash pad like it’s our job! Why yes, I do believe it’s my favorite season of the year! To celebrate summer’s arrival, I thought I’d share a few of my summertime essentials. None of these products are sponsored in any way, they’re just a few of our favorites! Have any others you’d add to this list? I’d love to hear them below!


1. Salt Water Sandals These sandals were a summertime staple growing up and I still love wearing them now! Ellie finally grew out of hers from last summer (that were mine when I was her age) so as soon as I can decide what color to get, we’re ordering us some more! Matching ones, of course. Can’t stop, won’t stop! (Until she’s a teenager and refuses to match with me 😉

2. Red Striped Backpack Brian purchased this backpack for me for Christmas (I know, he has excellent taste!) and it has been amazing! I’d much rather tote around a backpack as opposed to a purse – and my shoulders agree! This backpack has plenty of pockets, doubles as a diaper bag and purse, plus fits everything we need for a good summer adventure.

3. Tnee’s Tpee I won this darling teepee in a giveaway last year and we adore it! Not only is it super cute, it’s incredibly well made, and it’s Ellie’s favorite spot for a picnic. We’ve had a few rainy days so we set this up in the playroom with some pillows inside and she eats her lunch in it before naptime. She thinks its so fun to eat in her “tent” and I think it’s pretty dang adorable. 

4. Instax Camera I’ve had this cute camera for a few years now and it has been such a fun addition on our adventures. Ellie is enthralled every time we take a photo and it prints it out! Right away! When not in use, it doubles as fantastic décor on our living room bookcase!

5. Let’s Playground Mat Two sweet ladies I know started this adorable company and I can’t say enough good things about them! We bring our Let’s Playground mat everywhere and use it for everything. It’s fantastic for the park, splash pads, or craft projects at home. I picked up the mint one during their Kickstarter, but I’m dying to get my hands on the cityscape in their Love Taza collection. NYC Illustrations? Yes please!

Not pictured summer essentials: OTTER POPS! I seriously eat at least three a day. 😉

Alexa Zurcher




  • Simply Alexandra // My Favorite Things

    Those little sandals are so darling. 🙂 I have really been wanting an Instax… maybe for my birthday. 🙂 XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  • April @ Hansen Love

    I have seen so much about those playground mats! I have so much envy! This summer so far there is always always always little sun hats in the diaper bag! I am so excited that summer has finally decided to show up here in Utah!

  • The Girl who Loved to Write

    That teepee is adorable!

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