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Water Baby


While at my parents house all last week, Ellie spent most of her time running around the backyard. I captured a few pictures of her while wearing her swimsuit, but let’s face it, most of the time she was running wild with crazy hair sporting only panties. 🙂 She even warmed up to Uncle Spenc, previously known as “the scary guy.” They’re well on their way to becoming BFF’s! (Even if he did kink the hose a few times and have it spray in her face! Ha! I guess that’s payback since I spent my childhood doing that to him 🙂

Alexa Zurcher




  • Amy

    Cracking up at the kinked hose / water in her face comment. 😉 Loved having you and your girlie here all week. Come back soooon! Oh wait, you are!! Yay!!! xoxoxooxox

  • The Girl who Loved to Write

    She looks so happy!

  • Unknown

    These may be some of the best summertime photos I've ever seen! So precious and it's so great that you could capture all of those memories!

  • brypeterson

    I always love your photos of your sweet girl. You are a fun mama and it reflects in her! Cute cute.

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