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How to Make Fabric Bows

How to make fabric bows  

We have a ridiculous obsession with bows around this house. Ellie loves picking out a matching (and sometimes not so matching) bow in the morning while I do her hair.  With another little lady on the way (and nesting starting to kick in!) it was necessary that we invest in a few more bows. Ok, ok, maybe not absolutely necessary, but that reasoning wasn’t going to stop a crazy pregnant lady. 🙂 I searched high and low on Etsy for some matching bows for the girls, but I found that my typical go-to shops were on vacation or I would have to pay an arm and a leg per bow! Deciding I wasn’t in the mood to spend too much money, I pulled out my scrap fabric bin from the garage and decided to make some fabric bows myself.

How to Make Super Easy Fabric Bows  (10) 

With Ellie by my side as my sewing helper, string cutter, and bow holder, we got right to work! These bows are super simple and easy to make, plus they’re adorable on headbands or clips. To make fabric bows, you will need:

-Scrap fabric cut into 2 rectangles (my bow pieces were roughly 6-7 inches long, 5 inches wide. And just a tiny, folded rectangle for the middle piece)
-Sewing machine *optional
-Hot Glue Gun
-Alligator clips or elastic

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1: Cut scrap material into rectangle. The larger the rectangle, the larger the bow!
2. Fold fabric in half length wise, making sure the “wrong side” is facing out. Sew along the long side with your sewing machine.
3. Flip your newly sewn fabric inside out. Iron the fabric flat so the seam is in the middle.
**If you do not want to use a sewing machine for the previous steps, you can hot glue the fabric together. I found that I liked the clean look from the sewing machine, but gluing the fabric edges together works too!
4. With the seam facing you, bring in the two ends of the long edge of the fabric so they meet in the middle.
5. Gather the bow together in the middle to make a bow shape and add a touch of hot glue to hold in place.
6. Using a tiny strip of scrap material cut into a rectangle, fold tightly over the middle of the bow and glue in place. Cut off any long ends.
7. Attach to elastic or alligator clip. Voila!

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After trying several types of material, I learned that I prefer a thicker cotton (or home decor fabrics!) The thicker fabrics seemed to provide a better shape overall.

How to Make Super Easy Fabric Bows  (22)How to Make Super Easy Fabric Bows  (25) 
Our bow collection is complete! For now… 😉 It was so easy to make these bows, I’m sure we’ll be back making more soon! (I’m dying to make a few jersey headbands too, perhaps that will be our next craft adventure…)

Alexa Zurcher




  • Anonymous

    These are just TOO cute!

  • Unknown

    Yay! I'm excited to start making my own for Little Miss! I'm glad you showed how you store them too, because I was feeling kind of at a loss of what to do with the inevitable influx of bows we're going to have. 😛

  • Unknown

    I was just googling this today!! I am so happy you posted this 🙂 Just in time for my DIY bow project 🙂 Thank you!

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