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Easter 2015

Hello blogging world! It’s been awhile! We’ve had Brian’s family in town for the last little bit and I’ve been trying to finish up some big projects simultaneously – it’s been busy! 🙂 We had such a fun Easter weekend – filled with Easter egg hunts (which Ellie adored!), picnics in the sun, and listening to the words of our living prophet and other church leaders at General Conference. It was sunshine for my soul! Here’s a few of our adventures from the weekend, I wasn’t as good as pulling out the camera this time around, but I did manage to capture a few moments from our Easter weekend (and our last Easter with only one kid! 🙂


Opening her Easter basket full of art supplies (aka things to keep her entertained during conference 🙂


Sweet Baby Becca

  IMG_8063 IMG_8081

Hunting for eggs – Ellie’s favorite part!

 IMG_8083 IMG_8084  IMG_8094  
IMG_8138IMG_8099 IMG_8113

We were brave and decided to color eggs with four kids – and I’m happy to report there was minimal spillage 😉

IMG_8167 IMG_8173 IMG_8134

All those Zurcher cousins. Hope you had a fantastic Easter weekend! xoxo

Alexa Zurcher




  • Amy

    Looks like so much fun! That picture of E holding her Easter basket….priceless!!

  • Unknown

    Alexa, I love your striped dress! Where did you get it? 🙂

    Allison Robinson

  • Kinzie Bean

    Also loving your dress! So Cute!

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