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Sunshine, blessed sunshine

We’re home after a glorious week in St. George. It was wonderful spending time in the sunshine, hanging out with family, and just plain relaxing!  We were a little sad to come home (but SO happy to see Brian!) We left the sunshine to jump back into real life…and get some cavities filled. Ah! Coming back from vacation is always so hard. 😉 Anyway, I couldn’t resist sharing a few more photos of our week, we had way too much fun!

When we first arrived, Ellie jumped out of the car straight into Gramma’s arms.


Always on the lookout for bugs, ants, and lizards!


Helmet on, Buzz Lightyear in the hallway, and playing quietly with her “friends” She loves having some independent playtime during the day.

IMG_7753  IMG_7815

Preschool with Miss Doree and Miss Amy/Gramma! She loved it.

IMG_7820 IMG_7821 IMG_7825

“Painting” the sidewalk with Auntie Erin


Her outfit for dinner had to be documented


Taking a few good selfies (groupies?) before Women’s Conference


And of course, car rides in the backyard (I totally used to ride in that very same car!! 🙂

Alexa Zurcher




  • Karina Marie Powell

    These are so precious! Family time is the best time! That picture of Ellie in her backpack is killing me. She is so beautiful! And how fun you got to be with your mom and sisters for Women's Conference! P.S. I'm anxious to see these remodel things Brian was working on!!

  • Amy

    Loved every minute of that great week! Can't wait to do it again soon!! xoxoxoxoxo

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