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Wild Child Hair + SoCozy Review

This post was written in collaboration with BeautyStat. All opinions are mine alone. Meet Ellie’s crazy hair:   
If you’ve been hanging around this blog for awhile, you’ve probably seen it before! This little one has insane hair. (And these were taken on a good day 🙂 Every day we try to tame it. I’ve straightened it, curled it, and used all kinds of products in attempts to control it. No matter how styled I get it to look in the morning, by her afternoon nap, her hair is crazy again. Crazy, I tell ya! We were recently introduced to SoCozy, a new line of salon quality kids hair products. We did a little bit of research on the products (at and decided to try it out. Plus, we found out about SoCozy Stylers, a free rewards program that rewards social sharing. I’ve been desperate for a few new products and after being sick for so long, also desperate to get out of the house! So where did we head? Target of course. 🙂 I swear, we’re going to be a first name basis there soon.
image (1)

We picked up some shampoo, conditioner, and a new detangler (found near the women’s hair care products). Ok, that, and a few other things. Target gets me every time!

IMG_7313 IMG_7315 IMG_7316  IMG_7325

Ellie, as usual, loved her bath. She typically plays in there until her water runs cold and lips turn blue. 🙂 She refuses to tilt her head back or lay down in the tub, so when we rinse her hair we just dump water on the top of her head. She’s never minded the water in her face, and this shampoo and conditioner didn’t seem to irritate her eyes either.

Her hair typically still has tangles even after bath, but this detangler was fantastic. I’m obsessed with the smell and I didn’t have to use nearly as much as I typically do with other detanglers. It smoothed out her snarls quickly (and for a two year old on the move, that’s a game changer!) I even noticed after her nap (and even the next morning) her hair wasn’t nearly as crazy as usual. That, my friends, is HUGE.
My opinion on the stuff?  They were a bit more pricey than I typically spend on any of our hair products, but they were good quality, non-toxic, salon products. I felt they didn’t leave as much residue in Ellie’s hair like some of the other products we have tried. We will definitely be going back for the detangler (I even use it on my hair some mornings!)

The hands in the pockets kill me. All her idea.


Does your kid have wild child hair? How do you tame it!?
This post is in collaboration with, from whom I received products and compensation for this review. All opinions are mine alone and not edited by BeautyStat (as stated in my Disclosure Policy) Thanks for reading and supporting the sponsors who make this blog possible!
Alexa Zurcher




  • Jessie

    My Curls could use a good detangler. Target here we come! Also, Ellie is totally the cutest. Love your bright style of photography.

  • Haley

    I love this! As much as I love the wild child hair, it makes her look like a slob sometimes. In the past, I've just used a lot of conditioner on my daughter's hair, but I think I'll have to try this out.

  • Courtney Bleyle

    My daughter has the same kind of hair as Ellie! Her hair is getting longer and I've noticed the back of it is starting to get CRAZY! I've been using my leave in conditioner some mornings to help get rid of the snarls, but seriously by nap time the back of it is CRAZY again! I feel ya!

  • Haley

    …when I say "it makes her look sloppy", I meant my daughter. Ellie's wild child hair looks cute!

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