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Spring! Spring! And other ramblings

spring blossoms   


After eleven days of misery, trips to the doctor and one late night ER trip, we’re finally feeling BETTER! Hooray! Yes, it was an exciting week at the Zurcher household. 😉 We were greeted by blossoming trees outside today that made my heart so happy! The end is in sight! Winter won’t last forever! 🙂 Ellie and I had to snag a few branches off the trees outside, quickest and easiest DIY spring decor out there. 😉 We also picked up Ellie’s first Easter basket (!!!) at Target, obviously. Heaven forbid we go too long without a good trip to Target. And buying a few baby clothes. I just can’t help it. 🙂

 spring blossoms

And now for a few other random things on my mind that do not pertain to this post whatsoever, but here they are anyway:

-Ellie woke up last night in a panic and let out a scream. Apparently, she told us, she had a bad dream about a…coo coo clock. 🙂 I was comforting her and trying to suppress a laugh. There goes my dreams of having a coo coo clock in the house 😉

-Apparently having a cough + being pregnant = peeing my pants. Super embarrassing and it’s happened more than once. Ahh!

-It’s Cadbury egg and girl scout cookie season. Need I say more?

-Ellie’s newest vocab: ridiculous. She was trying out her panties the other day and had accident. “Oh mom, my panties all wet! That’s ridiculous!”


Have courage and be kind -Cinderella

And thus ends this random, ridiculous post. Happy weekend, friends!

(P.S. I’ve got three of these prints up for grabs for you and two friends! Check it out on instagram!)

Alexa Zurcher




  • Kelsi Strong

    haha Ridiculous?? That's adorable. I love the words they pick up!

  • Claire

    Remind me to always be pregnant during girl scout cookie season! This year I have no good excuses for an expanding waistline : And sadly, I can't say that the peeing your pants gets any better after the baby either, haha it's the worst!

  • P

    haha thats a great favorite word! I love those blooming flowers holy cow! We need some of those around here! Can't wait to hear more about the little girl cooking in the oven!!

  • marci @ the wallace house

    Pregnancy + a cough = SO. THE. WORST. I've peed my pants a time or two (or fifty) also with pregnancy coughs. It's so annoying!

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