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Imagine our surprise when we found out at our 20 week ultrasound yesterday that our baby is actually a GIRL!

I couldn’t stop laughing and all the nurses were in shock! Apparently they occasionally have it happen where the patient was told their baby was a girl when it’s actually a boy, but this is the first time it’s happened the other way around. We’re still wrapping our heads around the news (we spent four weeks thinking this baby was a boy!) but we are so excited!! Two little GIRLS! SISTERS!


P.S. If you have any good names, send them our way! We’re always stumped when it comes to girl names!

Alexa Zurcher




  • Kerri Andersen

    Haha that is awesome, and crazy!! Also, I was 20 weeks yesterday too, we must have like the same due date! Crazy!

  • Unknown

    Hahaha! That's hilarious! I don't know what I would do! So cute though.

  • Unknown

    Oh my gosh!!! That is too funny. I've heard of that happening the other way around all the time too–how funny that you were just the opposite. 🙂

  • Haley

    haha, I love this! It's nice that your finding out now instead of at birth.

  • Bekah

    Oh my gosh that's hilarious!!!!! Super exciting!!

  • Unknown

    That's so exciting! We found out we are having a boy! So the name we ended up not using is Cameron Piper. Check out my blog to see some picts from our gender reveal party!

  • Unknown

    Oh my gosh what a surprise!! Congratulations!

  • Anonymous

    To be honest, I would still wait to paint the walls until the baby is actually there, or color them in a gender neutral color.
    Who knows if they are wrong again? Haha!
    As long as it is a healthy baby, (and not an elephant like you said Ellie thinks it is), everything is ok 😀
    Did you already have a boy's name, Alexa? If yes, which one?

  • Amy

    I've been so excited ever since you sent a ka-zillions texts yesterday!! 🙂 I'm happy to be a gramma again, so boy or girl – I'll take it!! So excited for Ellie to have a baby sister. She's in for lots of fun, secrets, dress ups, sharing clothes, playing dolls, picnics, and late nights. They are going to be best of friends!!

  • Alicia Snow

    With my in-utero baby, we were told it was a girl and then later found out it was a boy! We had a girl's name picked out for weeks and were completely stumped when it came to coming up with a boy name. Haha.

  • Caravan Sonnet

    Oh my goodness how exciting! WOW~~ Congrats again- this time for a girl!! LOVE my sister and the sister bond is so special!! Can't wait to hear your name pick!
    🙂 Rebecca

  • stephanie hammer

    WHAAAAAAAT!!!?? How crazy!!! Haha that's so awesome though!

  • ellen

    I have a friend who had ultrasounds that she was having a boy and then "Alice" was born!!

  • Rachel Sayumi Porter

    that is sooooo crazy!!!!!!!!!! But congrats!!!!! How fun!

  • Claire

    I love Ivy and Naomi, two names I can't use because of family members 🙂

  • marci @ the wallace house

    I about died when I saw this on your insta! – that is so CRAZY! And plus I've been having anxiety attacks (exaggeration!) all day wondering what if they were wrong about my supposed girl and it's actually a THIRD BOY!? ahhh!!! I'm so tempted to ask my doctor for another ultrasound just to make dang sure hahaha!! Sisters will be SO fun. If this really IS a girl…I hope she gets a sister soon after! As for names…we like too many to choose just one! Our list currently consists of: Charlotte (Charley), Linden & Hallie! We think Kylie is adorable too! And if my husband had no say I'd have added Kenlie and Blake to the list 🙂

  • Ellen Gallegos

    I have a niece that her name is Alayda. Pronounced A lay da. I also like the name Addison and Londyn. I loved picking out the names for our girls. Good luck with everything!

  • Unknown

    I LOVE that name Elizabeth. Or the name Kalli!

  • Unknown

    Oh my word! That's crazy!! Hope you can take back the boy clothes! 🙂

  • Hello Sarah Eggett

    Hilarious!!! hopefully she doesn't come out a boy!! 😉 Sisters are so fun, you'll love two little girls!

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