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carnival cruise  (2)

Bring me back to our babymoon! I’ve tried to narrow my photos down as much as I could, but for journaling sake, this post may be a tad bit long. 🙂 We just had too much fun! 

carnival cruise  (50)carnival cruise  (51) 
(Note to self: next time bring some pregnancy safe motion sickness medicine. Ha! That first night I was so dizzy and disoriented! Also note, the staff’s suggestion of ‘eating a green apple’ does not in fact, help with dizziness. Haha. 🙂
carnival cruise  (52) carnival cruise  (54)carnival cruise  (55) 
We probably ate far too many desserts while we were there, but that chocolate cake was to die for good! The unlimited ice cream wasn’t half bad either 😉
carnival cruise  (57)
Towel animals! I had to get a picture of this cute elephant for Ellie.
carnival cruise  (3)
We stopped in Ensenada for a day – my very first time in Mexico! We put on our swimsuits, ready to hit the beach, but our bus ride into town from the ship proved that the walk to the beach looked a little long (and a wee bit sketchy!) Instead, we opted for an excursion with a bunch of people from our cruise (seemed much safer!) The bus ride there was an eye opener and full of color! I couldn’t get over all the amazing colors.
carnival cruise  (18)carnival cruise  (8)   carnival cruise  (10)
We walked the flea market and had THE BEST CHURROS OF MY LIFE. I took every free sample they gave me…amazing! Costco churros just don’t compare. 😉 We didn’t leave much except some real vanilla and a handmade dress for Ellie. Totally worth it.
carnival cruise  (44)
My handsome traveling buddy!
carnival cruise  (33)carnival cruise  (34)carnival cruise  (38)carnival cruise  (39)carnival cruise  (11) 
We also saw an awesome natural blow hole. My lens wasn’t quite wide enough to capture the whole thing, but it was pretty darn cool. And that salty ocean air…mmmm! My favorite!
carnival cruise  (24) carnival cruise  (30)carnival cruise  (25) carnival cruise  (26) carnival cruise  (23)carnival cruise  (27)   
The rest of our cruise was sooo relaxing, we kept marveling over how incredibly lazy we felt. But man it was fun! I was terrible at taking my camera out on the actual ship, oops! On the last day of our cruise we spent in our swimsuits…on lounge chairs…by the pool….huddled under towels. 🙂 It was a wee bit chilly! But hey, we tried to get some sun! And I managed to finish two books, two books! I haven’t had much time to read in…forever! So that was bliss!
carnival cruise  (43)  
 The trip ended with Brian catching some stomach bug/ food poisoning (all those churro samples maybe?) Big fat bummer! (And being sick on a rocking cruise ship, not so fun!) Besides that, we had a blast!
Alexa Zurcher




  • Anonymous

    So happy you had a nice baby moon! Looks relaxing and beautiful!

  • Katie @ The Macarthurs Lately

    Looks amazing {minus the stomach bug!}! I so desperately want to go on a cruise! Countdown is on for when my baby is old enough to travel with us!

  • The Girl who Loved to Write

    Cruises are my absolute favorite! So glad you guys got to go!

  • Mila Adams

    My husband and I took this exact same cruise for our honeymoon. It was amazing. We also went to the blow hole. I loved Catalina Island the most though. It was such a beautiful, quaint place. We ended up kayaking to the other side of the island and had a beach all to ourselves.



  • Courtney Bleyle

    When I went on a cruise for our babymoon I got so sick because of all that rocking! But I'm glad you guys had fun! 🙂

  • Rachel Sayumi Porter

    looks amazing!! We went to Cabo for our honeymoon, and i miss Mexico!! Glad you guys got to go 🙂

  • Unknown

    I love cruises! I hope my husband and I can take a Babymoon when the time comes! Sounds wonderful!

  • P

    oh my heavens! this sounds awesome and holy cow i totally would love a cruise to mexico! you guys deserve it, these pictures are so wonderful. Poor Brian though, not so fun 😛 I'm glad you guys got to go though! Who doesn't love a little travel! oxoxoxoxox!

  • Simply Alexandra // My Favorite Things

    Sounds so fun! Minus the food poisoning. I was lucky on my one cruise so far to have felt no severe sickness. Only a little bit of dizziness when we were at port. This looks awesome, I love all of the colors. 🙂 XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  • Brooke

    Looks like such a lovely Babymoon, well without the dizziness and sickness, the pictures made me feel like I was there! Gorgeous!

  • The Spencer Adventure

    When I was like 16 my family went on that same cruise and had pretty much all the same experiences! haha No joke my brother got sick at the end too and we thought for sure it was the churros.. so funny!

  • April @ Hansen Love

    Oh we've been on this cruise! And stopped in catalina island as well! so beautiful! i love all these pictures, it makes me want to go back SO bad!!!

  • Emily

    We went on that same cruise a couple years ago! We even went to La Bufadora too but the tide wasn't in or something so it didn't do anything, haha! Fun idea for a babymoon 🙂

  • Hannah Richins

    We went on a Mexican cruise for our honeymoon and when we stopped in Ensenada we couldn't find anything to do for cheap, so we ended up sitting in a McDonald's playing cards. I'm glad you found something fun to do there! 🙂 What a fun trip–well, other than getting sick of course.

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