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Cruisin’ down to Mexico!

Hola! Last week Brian and I took a little adventure…all on our own! Yup, that’s right! We dropped off Ellie at Gramma’s house (thanks again!) while we went cruisin’ down to Mexico! Neither of us had ever been on a cruise before and a “babymoon” was the perfect excuse to enjoy some salty ocean air and sunshine. 🙂 Ellie could have cared less that we came home (that was hilarious) and who can blame her, she was spoiled and had far too much fun at Gramma’s house! I have lots of photos to share from our cruise, but here’s just a few until I can put together a big post! (Also, I cannot get over all that glorious COLOR in Mexcio! Be still my color loving heart!)


Alexa Zurcher




  • Caravan Sonnet

    AHH looks like SO much fun!! I went on my first cruise last year (to the day actually) and LOVED it!! Love your colorful pictures!!!
    🙂 Rebecca

  • Laurie

    The temperatures are in the single digits here in Northeastern Pennsylvania and the windchill is about 20 degrees below zero, so those pictures look amazing right about now! My husband and I love cruising. What cruise ship did you go on?

  • Brittany Fry @ The 26th of August

    Ahh this looks so nice! I love all the colors too and nicer weather sounds so good right about now!!!!

  • April @ Hansen Love

    so gorgeous!!!!! Looks like you had fun!!!!!

  • Bekah

    So jealous! I am sick and tired of the cold!!!! Love all the bright colours in the pictures!! So pretty!

  • Carly

    did you cruise out of California? what cruise line were you on – I've been thinking about going on a carnival cruise to Mexico out of CA but i've heard mixed reviews…

  • marci @ the wallace house

    ahhh it's so pretty! i'm excited to see the rest of the mexico posts!

  • Hannah Richins

    So excited to hear more about it! My husband and I are basically cruise-obsessed and have been on 6 together. It's the best way to travel if you ask me 😉

  • Simply Alexandra // My Favorite Things

    So so pretty. I love the idea of a babymoon. So glad that you had fun. And these posts and all the color is amazing! XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

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