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DIY: Display Your Instagrams!

Considering I have thousands of instagram photos and haven’t figured out what to do with them, I’m thrilled to be sharing this post today! My talented friend Sue is here on the blog sharing the cutest DIY today! I’m going to have to work on this ASAP!
Hi friends! My name’s Sue, and I love that I get to be here with you today! Alexa is simply inspirational, isn’t she?

Let me introduce myself and my blog to you a little. I’m a mom of two little girls, wife of a car and soccer enthusiast, author of the blog Sue’s News (formerly Chevron & Lace), and owner of the Etsy shop Susan Stange Design (also formerly Chevron & Lace). I mostly sell items for babies, little girls, and their mamas (Plans to branch out to little boys in the works!)

My blog is, in general, about self improvement. I share things about my family, my hobbies, my talents, and anything else I find interesting and helpful. My favorite part about blogging is when I’m able to share something that inspires someone else or helps them accomplish something they haven’t before.

Today I want to share a quick, cute, DIY for your home. I’ve lived in my home for 1.5 years and most of my walls are still bare! I’ve got this kind of fear of putting holes in my wall. Anyone else relate?

The one thing I do have hung up on my wall are my instagram frames.


You guys, this is so easy and it probably ended up costing me about $10.00 or less. All you need are some frames, possibly spray paint, string, tape, and your favorite photos.
The pictures really say it all, but for the detail-oriented in all of us, here are the steps:

Step one, find a frame or two (or four). You can find plenty of frames at thrift stores! Remove the glass and backing. If it isn’t the color you want, purchase some spray paint and quickly give it a couple of coats. I love the Rustoleum paint and primer brand. It adheres to plastics, wood, and I think metal, too!
Step 2, print off your photos. I went to Walmart and ordered 4×4” squares. You can do it all online and it can be ready within an hour.
Step 3, lay out your photos in the order you want, then flip them over, face-down. Space them out evenly.
Step 4, cut long pieces of string and lay them out on top of the photos. Use strips of tape to secure the photos to the string, or if you have any of those mini clothes pins, I’m sure they would be adorable, too!
Step 5, tie the string at either end to the top of the frame and to the bottom in an attractive little bow.

And that’s it! Even if it weren’t one of the only things hanging in my house, it would still be a guest favorite, and my favorite, too.

Thanks for letting me have a little space on your blog today, Alexa, and thanks for reading friends! I’d love to see you over on my blog! I’ve got a great sewing tutorial up for an over-sized long sleeve color bloc tee currently, so while you’re in the pinning mood…

IMG_8888 edit02
Alexa Zurcher




  • Bekah

    Such a cute idea!!!!! 🙂

  • Marli

    how clever! will definitely have to try this.

  • Brittany Fry @ The 26th of August

    These look awesome!!! I need to get some of my instagrams printed off so bad and this would be so easy to do! Thanks for sharing and I am heading over to your blog right now 🙂

  • Ashley Ziegler

    What a cute idea!!:)

  • The Snows

    Love this idea!!!
    Lex I am 14 weeks pregnant…could you post your favorite pregnancy products?

  • The Snows

    Sorry it posted my website twice!

  • Emilee Land

    What a cute and simple project!

  • Sierra Roundy

    I love this idea! I've been looking for a new, cute way to display pictures in my room lately. This one looks so easy, I could even do it!

  • Buffie

    How do you print Instagram pictures? I'm technology challenged!

  • Love always, Jess

    K I LOVE THIS! pinned for use in my future home 🙂

  • Unknown

    I love it! It's a must try.

  • Haven Way

    What a fun way to show these photos – I love it!

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