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Oh baby!


THANK YOU so much for all your kind words about our newest little peanut. Now you know why I’ve been in and out here on the blog the last few months. 🙂 We told our families right after we found out, but it’s so fun letting everyone else in on our little secret. It’s starting to feel so much more real! We waited a long time to finally see those two pink lines, and to be honest, I was in shock for awhile. I just couldn’t believe it finally had happened! We couldn’t be more thrilled (despite Ellie’s unsure face in those photos, haha! 🙂 I had a few people asking for an update, so here’s a quick one:

-I am 14 weeks along and feeling oh so much better! We found out we were pregnant right before Thanksgiving, which made the holidays really interesting. 😉 Food aversions, morning (well afternoon/evening) sickness, pure exhaustion, and the flu on top of that? Whew, I’m just glad that’s over with now. It was rough going there for awhile. Thank goodness for Brian the superman, lots of help from family, and a whole lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Seriously, so much Mickey. 🙂

-I haven’t had too many food aversions as of late (yay!), but the first trimester I could not get near chicken, ham, chocolate, and a lot of those holiday treats that I usually like so much. Just like when I was pregnant with Ellie, I prefer really plain foods – plain bagels, simple cereals, and yogurt, well more specifically gogurts. Man I have a thing for gogurts! I’m still a little hesitant around chicken but, I’m finally starting to like chocolate again, thank heavens!

-This time around, I’ve been trying to be a much, much healthier! With Ellie I hardly exercised except for the occasional walk and ate whatever I wanted, haha. Minus a few weeks in that first trimester when I had the flu, I’ve been pretty good about exercising most days (cardio or muscle group exercises with bands) and I’ve really been trying to eat much healthier. I took “eating for two” pretty literally with Ellie and I’m trying not to overindulge too much this time around. Plus, it helps with the heartburn. I try to eat well portioned meals, so when a craving hits for sugar cookies, ice cream, or skittles, I go right ahead and indulge!

-No weight gain quite yet, but I expect that to change now that I’m in the second trimester! I haven’t made the switch to maternity clothes quite yet either. Most of my maternity clothes I had with E work better in the spring/summer, so I may have to do a little shopping if I can’t stretch my jeans and sweaters to last through winter. 🙂

-I was convinced we were having a girl for the first month or so, and now I’m thinking boy! Ha. In about two weeks we’ll find out the gender and then LET THE SHOPPING BEGIN! Really, that’s what I’ve been waiting for. 🙂

Alexa Zurcher




  • Ashley Brickner

    So excited for you!!! I also had a rough first trimester (no joke with a toddler!), but feeling SO much better – so hang in there! Can't wait to hear the gender! 🙂

  • Unknown

    I'm so glad you're feeling better! Isn't it crazy how different a pregnancy is when you have a toddler to take care of?
    I so hope you're having a little boy! Being a boy mom is so much fun and I think Ellie would love having a little brother. 🙂

  • Macy

    Congrats!!! so excited for you 🙂

  • Katie @ The Macarthurs Lately

    So exciting! It seems like we are probably due the same week! I'm currently 14 weeks also and can't tell you how bad chicken grosses me out! Haha! Makes me so excited seeing other July moms out there finding out what they're having! It means I get to find out soon too!

  • Mila Adams

    Ah! So exciting! Can't wait to hear if you're having a girl or a boy. Part of me hopes it's a boy because you need at least one of each, you know? But part of me hopes it's a girl, because I have a sister who is only a year and a half apart from me and she is my best friend. It's always nice to have a sister close to you.



  • April @ Hansen Love

    Yay! Congrats! So excited for you guys girlie! Glad you're starting to feel better!

  • K&R

    i'm seriously so excited for you guys! i loved seeing how awesome you are with ellie you are such a great mother. ellie would be soo cute with a little brother, so glad to hear you are feeling better!

  • Southern Elle

    How exciting for your lovely family! I've been following along here for awhile and can't wait to see more.

  • The Snows

    So exciting and what great blessings!! We are both due in July!! I am July 25th! I send you an email one week ago 😉 I added Maternity Fashion to my blog now

  • The Girl who Loved to Write

    Yay!! Congratulations!

  • Whitney @ Southern Hope

    Awww I didn't know you were expecting!! Congrats!!!!

  • Marli

    eeeeeek! this is sooooo exciting!

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