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Thanksgiving with the Zurchers

I feel like I need another holiday to recover from this last weekend! 🙂 Our Thanksgiving (and the days before & after!) were jam packed with fun, now I’m exhausted! I kicked off the holiday with a 5k run with my sis and friend in the morning, which was followed by a big, fat pumpkin cupcake for finishing. (I’ll run any morning I can have a cupcake for breakfast!)  Brian’s whole family was in town for the holiday weekend, so a huge family dinner was in order! I ate so. much food. and so. much. pie. I could go on and on about our day, but I’ll just leave you with a few pictures. Happy Thanksgiving!


p.s. Happy December!!

Alexa Zurcher




  • Kristin DiCristofano

    I need another holiday too… Dreading going back to work tonight 🙂 happy December!!

  • April @ Hansen Love

    Your family is adorable! Happy Holidays! 🙂

  • Zoe {The Latina Lens}

    You have such a beautiful family!

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