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Get Inspired for the Holidays: Coke Bottle Reindeer!

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.  #RealMagic
coke bottle reindeer #RealMagic #Ad #Cbias
Hi, my name is Alexa and I live with a Coca-Cola addict.

Ok, ok, maybe not a complete addict, but pretty close. Brian loves Coke! And around the holiday, it seems to be one of the preferred beverages for movie nights, parties, and now, neighborhood gifts! If you’re looking for a simple gift for your favorite Coke fanatic, neighbors, or friends, we’ve got you covered. Get inspired for the holidays with Reindeer Coke Bottles! Check out the tutorial below.

coke bottle reindeer #RealMagic #Ad #Cbias coke bottle reindeer #RealMagic #Ad #Cbias coke bottle reindeer #RealMagic #Ad #Cbias

Supplies Needed(I found all my supplies at Walmart!)

Classic Coca-Cola in glass bottles
Gold pipe cleaner
Red pompoms
Small Eyeballs
Hot glue gun

Christmas coke bottle reindeer #RealMagic #Ad #Cbias Christmas coke bottle reindeer #RealMagic #Ad #Cbias

ONE Shape one gold pipe cleaner into a “U” shape. Cut two small pieces of another pipe cleaner, and twist into antler shapes.
Christmas coke bottle reindeer #RealMagic #Ad #Cbias Christmas coke bottle reindeer #RealMagic #Ad #Cbias

TWO Twist antler pipe cleaners onto coke bottle. To secure, twist in back or add a drop of hot glue.
Christmas coke bottle reindeer #RealMagic #Ad #Cbias

THREE Hot glue eyes and nose to bottle. Repeat with remaining bottles. Carefully place back in box and tie with a ribbon.
Christmas coke bottle reindeer #RealMagic #Ad #Cbias

FOUR Now it’s time to share! Coca Cola wants to see how you give to others this season. The easiest gift you can give is sharing a smile! Coca-cola would love to see YOUR smile this season on twitter or instagram with the hashtag #RealMagic. In return, they’ll send you a thank you smile back after Dec 1! And as you share the magic of the season and make someone smile, you can check off items from Santa’s wish list on My Coke Rewards. Sharing your smile or your special holiday videos will help Santa with his wish list and in return, you’ll earn points to recieve items like gift cards to Best Buy or the movie theater! (Hello, stocking stuffers!)

You can find more information about My Coke Rewards on facebook, twitter, and instagram

Christmas coke bottle reindeer #RealMagic #Ad #Cbias
And now if you can deliver your gift without taking a sip first, extra points for you! 😉 Happy Holiday weekend! XOXO
Alexa Zurcher




  • April @ Hansen Love

    So cute! I love all of the bright colors together! This may end up being neighbor gifts this year! SO SIMPLE!

  • Love always, Jess

    My dad's name is Brian spelled the same way and he is also a coke addict. My little sister gives him some version of coke every year. Definitely sent her this to make him 🙂 Thanks!

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