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Life Lately


^^ Bubbles on the front porch. We live for these warm fall days! ^^


^^ I cannot get enough of her crazy, out of control hair! ^^


^^ Ellie’s latest masterpiece. “People!” ^^


^^ We practice extreme safety while making peanut butter sandwiches. Plastic knifes and helmets as a precaution! ^^


^^ Sometimes little brothers need their older sisters to wrestle them. And sometimes older sisters let them win 😉 Ha! He totally took me. ^^


^^ Park days and friend dates ^^


^^ Anything for Auni 5k. Best way to spend a Saturday morning! ^^


^^ Someone loves her “Me-ma!” ^^


^^ My attempt at being a Ninja. Ha! ^^


^^Me and my girl! ^^

Alexa Zurcher




  • Tiffany

    Oh my gosh, i love her static hair, and then her hair in little pigtails! I haven't jumped on a trampoline in forever, but it sounds so fun!

  • Kristin DiCristofano

    Her static hair is to die for! What gorgeous pictures, and yes to the warm fall days. Hopefully we have a few more of those this year!

  • Unknown

    Those are some mad ninja moves haha! Growing up, we practically lived on the trampoline! All day every day. THE BEST! Now I am pretty sure I'd wet my pants if I tried jumping on the tramp :/

  • Unknown

    The ninja jump made me hurt just looking at it! I just adore your pics of her. She is a doll


  • April Lynn | Our Little Loves

    that hair! Too funny!

  • Unknown

    That ninja picture is the best! You are just the cutest. And I'm loving that sweet shot of Joshua and Ellie's little moccasin feet! You have such a knack for capturing the best details. 🙂

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