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An afternoon well spent

While in Washington, we ventured to Faye Bainbridge Beach for an afternoon in the sunshine. I have fond memories of this beach, we visited Bainbridge Island a lot when we were little. It smells the exact same! Mmmm. The weather was beautiful and warm. In October! In Washington! It was glorious. Ellie dug in the sand with Grandma Cindy’s spoons, and eventually ran bare bottomed down the beach. 😉 Zac convinced me to be brave and jump in the water with him, three times! It was the perfect afternoon. Take me back!

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And a few of my favorites in the internet world this week:

Ten dates under ten dollars, bingo!
CLICK HERE if you love floral or chevron. Or both! Cutest nails ever.
-If you’re visiting Utah soon, here’s
101 AMAZING things to keep you busy.
-Too busy to carve pumpkins?
These are my favorite don’t-get-your-hand-all-gooey pumpkin ideas.
-If you’re ever wondering why Mormons are SO EAGER to share what they believe, watch this. Explains it perfectly. 🙂


Have a happy day! XO

Alexa Zurcher




  • Kallie Cooper

    I loved that you jumped in the water! That's awesome haha! Such cute pics 😊

  • marci @ the wallace house

    your pictures always make me so happy! this looks like such a fun little getaway, love ellie's sandy little toes!

  • Caravan Sonnet

    These are adorable!! Such lovely pictures! Looks like it was a day filled with the best things- love, family, and simple joys!
    🙂 Rebecca

  • Susan Stange

    Last summer, when our family was vacationing at our cabin nearby a lake, my father-in-law, husband, and I went for a run. The lake was our halfway mark. When we got there, Dad suggested we "take a dip." I didn't want to at first, but then I thought, how often do you get to go for a run in these beautiful mountains and take a dip in a beautiful, crystal clear lake? I decided to go for it and it will always be one of my favorite memories.
    I'm glad you decided to "take a dip," too!

    Sue//Chevron and Lace

  • Unknown

    I'm in love with the 3rd picture of the sea!
    Everything looks so serene.
    Moments with the family are the best.

    Kisses, Eline

  • P

    this last photo is so beautiful!! seriously i love washington so much and this post is perfect!

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