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Poulsbo and 5 Generations

My Grandma lives in an adorable town called Poulsbo. It’s quaint, colorful, and full of Vikings! (The town was settled by Norwegians, totally reminded me of being in Norway, I loved it!) We spent a morning or two walking the tiny town, eating Viking donuts, and then up the street to visit my 92 year old great grandma, Mimi. Yes, 92! She still walks to the grocery store every day, works in her small garden, and loads us up with treats on our way out the door. Plus, she’s adorable. Two years ago, when Ellie was born, we had talked about getting a five generation photo. Well, we finally got on that! We set up my tripod in Mimi’s yard, Zac jumped up and down behind the camera like a frog to get Ellie to smile, and on the first shot, we got the perfect five generation photo. Bingo! We took a few more, just for kicks and giggles. Betcha can’t tell that we’re related…ha! We all look alike 😉

Poulsbo WashingtonPoulsbo WashingtonVikings in Poulsbo WashingtonVikings in Poulsbo WashingtonIMG_8614Little Viking Poulsbo WashingtonSluys Bakery in Poulsbo WashingtonIMG_8621Viking Donuts at Sluy's Bakery in Poulsbo WashingtonViking Donuts in Poulsbo WashingtonViking Donuts at Sluys Donut in Poulsbo WashingtonTea Parlor in Poulsbo WashingtonMom and Gram in Poulsbo WashingtonPoulsbo WashingtonLittle Alley Poulsbo WashingtonPoulsbo WashingtonTelephone Booth in Poulsbo WashingtonTelephone Booth in Poulsbo WashingtonTelephone BoothPoulsbo WashingtonPoulsbo WashingtonPoulsbo WashingtonPoulsbo WashingtonLittle Blue House in Poulsbo Washington5 Generation Family PhotoMom and Mimi5 Generation Family PhotoZac Mom and Mimi4 Generation Photo in Poulsbo Washinton

Alexa Zurcher




  • ellen

    These photos are great. And that's so cool you got your 5-generation shot!

  • Amy

    Just smiling so big right now remembering all of the fun we squished into those four days!! I love our family!!! xoxoxoox

  • Laurie

    Wow! I hope I look that good when I'm 92. Your grandma looks amazing! I have never heard of that town. It looks so cute. I bet it was a neat place to visit. And, that doughnut is as big as Ellie!!!

  • Haley

    Great photos! That town looks adorable and that picture of your daughter with the giant donut is too cute. That is so special that you get to have a 5 generation photo.

  • Unknown

    Brought tears to my eyes… 5 generations is SO special…. Beautiful!!!!

  • Maren Kam

    You are the cutest!

  • Jessica

    Amazing! Five generations! Lucky and beautiful ladies 🙂

  • Ashley Kelly

    Ellie and that doughnut. I can't even.

  • Susan Stange

    This place DOES look magical! I want to go there someday!

    Sue//Chevron and Lace

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