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DIY Easy Party Garlands–Tassel Banner and Streamer Garland

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For Miss Ellie’s 2nd birthday party I really wanted to have a few colorful garlands to liven up the space. I previously had researched some banners online, but I either couldn’t find any that matched my color scheme perfectly or didn’t want to fork out the money to have a custom one made. I was on a limited budget, so I opted to make a few garlands out of tissue paper from the Dollar Store and streamers. I loved how they turned out (and I loved the price even more!) Here’s two tutorials for super easy, super cute party garlands.


DIY Tassel Garland Tutorial


Supplies Needed:
Tissue Paper
Glue Gun
Ribbon or String

This tissue paper garland is one of my absolute favorites to make for parties.

1: Take one sheet of tissue paper and fold widthwise on the creases.
2: Your tissue paper will look long and skinny.
3: Fold in half, lengthwise.
4-5: Take your scissors and cut small strips from the bottom (not on the folded side), until you’re about two inches from the top. (Mine were not perfectly even 🙂
6: Unfold tissue paper and lay flat.
7-8: Start rolling tissue paper from center. Gently twist tissue paper tightly in center.
9: Once tightly twisted, fold in half and make a small loop at the top. Add a drop of hot glue to hold together.
10: Repeat steps 1-9 until you have enough tassels to string on twine or ribbon. I like to string on my tassels individually, then secure them on with a knot so they don’t move. Voila! You’re done!


Balloon Tassel Garland Tutorial


You can also use your tassel garland on a balloon. Simply tie one end of your tassel to the balloon and hold onto the other end of the string. Be sure you leave enough room at the end of your ribbon to hold!



Scallop Streamer Supplies:

Streamers in color of choice

I found this darling streamer garland idea over at Oh Happy Day. Talk about the easiest garland ever! Hop on over to their blog to check out the tutorial.



Both of these garlands would be perfect for parties, backdrops, or even just a little extra something to add color to a room. Do you have a favorite party banner you like to make? I’d love to see them!

Alexa Zurcher




  • Ashley

    Soooo adorable! Love the garland and especially the colors together! And just love your blog. 🙂

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