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DIY You’ve Got Mail Mugs

You've Got Mail DIY NY 152 and Shopgirl Mugs

What will NY152 say today, I wonder. I turn on my computer. I wait impatiently as it connects. I go online, and my breath catches in my chest until I hear three little words: You’ve got mail. I hear nothing. Not even a sound on the streets of New York, just the beating of my own heart. I have mail. From you.

I’m so glad to hear that there are some fellow You’ve Got Mail fans out there! Yay! As promised in yesterday’s post, a quick DIY for these You’ve Got Mail mugs. I’ve seen this method all over (for years now!) and I’ve been dying to try it.

You've Got Mail DIY NY 152 and Shopgirl Mugs

All you need is a Sharpie and two blank mugs. That’s it! And, you can use any color marker you want. Can you imagine these in gold?? 🙂 Once you have your design in mind, simply use your Sharpie to draw it on your mug. Tip: use both a thick and a thin marker. Using the thick side made it a little faster but having the thin marker helped me clean up my lines.

You've Got Mail DIY NY 152 and Shopgirl Mugs

Bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Leave in oven until completely cooled. Hand wash only.

You've Got Mail DIY NY 152 and Shopgirl Mugs

We don’t use mugs a whole lot in the summer (we’re waiting for hot cocoa and apple cider season!) so for now, they’re doubling as my vase for my bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils. 😉

You've Got Mail DIY a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils

Don’t cry, Shopgirl. Don’t cry.

Alexa Zurcher




  • Laurie

    So cute! I love these. I wonder how they will hold up to dish soap?

  • K&R

    i love all of your you've got mail stuff. seriously adorable. now i want it to rain outside so i can cuddle up with some hot chocolate and watch you've got mail. haha.

  • McKenzie

    I'm basically in love with this and have the serious need to go watch You've Got Mail like right now.

  • Moriah Mattix

    This is so cute! xo

  • Sharlee

    I tried the sharpie trick with my students one year and it was a big fail…I wonder why. Either way, your designs are so cute. Love this!

  • Jenny

    "Bouquets of sharpened pencils. Ah." I love everything about this. Super super super cute.

  • Jennifer

    This was such a cute idea! I made a mug last night try out that quotes, my "cuddle weather" cup.

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