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You’ve Got Mail inspired Home Décor

You've Got Mail inspired home decor

You may enjoy this post today if you:
Dream of moving to New York in the fall…
Really want a reason to tell someone “That caviar is a garnish!”…
Know what the “shoe books” are…
Frequently have the urge to send someone a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils…
Know what “go to the mattresses” means….

If you’ve answered YES to any of the questions above, then you might like today’s post. And we should probably be best friends. Did you know that I’m a HUGE You’ve Got Mail fan? Please tell me I’m not the only one. Not sure if I should be super proud of that or slightly embarrassed. Either way, I know all the lines, have Ellie singing the soundtrack, and have little hints of You’ve Got Mail inspired décor sprinkled around my home. You know, since I can’t live in New York, don’t own a children’s bookstore, and only dream that I could pull off Meg Ryan’s hair, this will have to do. 😉

You've got Mail New York in the Fall Print

“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies.”

Let’s all move to New York, right now. This print is perfect for fall and it’s available right here.

You've got Mail Bouquet of Freshly Sharpened Pencils

“I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.”

Bouquets of sharpened pencils. Is there anything more romantic than that? 🙂 I love keeping a bouquet on my desk at all times. Plus, they never, ever die.

You've Got Mail Typewriter

  “You’re turning my apartment into a typewriter museum!”

These typewriter bookends just scream Frank Navasky and sit perfectly on our bookshelf. Similar here.

You've Got Mail Scotch Tape Quote

“Can you beat that?” “Scotch tape? What is wrong with you?”

Sniff it. You’ll understand. Another desk essential.

You've Got Mail Ballet Shoes Quote

“I’d start with Ballet shoes first. It’s my favorite. Although Skating Shoes is completely wonderful, but it’s out of print.”

It wouldn’t be right if you didn’t have a a copy of Ballet Shoes on your bookshelf. I picked up an older copy here.

You've Got Mail Daisies are the Friendliest Flower

“I love daisies…. They’re so friendly. Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?”

Fresh daisies are a must! White, pink, yellow, they’re the friendliest, no doubt about it. Split the bouquet into a few small vases and place in several rooms.

You've Got Mail Quotes

“Confession, I have read Pride and Prejudice two hundred times. I get lost in the language, words like ‘Thither. Mischance. Felicity.’ I’m always in agony over whether Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are really going to get together. Ah! Read it. I know you’ll love it!”

And if we’re really going all out, let’s stick a rose in it and keep it  in on the coffee table.

You've Got Mail NY152 and Shopgirl DIY mugs

  “Mr. 152 insights into my soul.”
“Don’t cry, Shopgirl. Don’t Cry.”

Every couple needs these DIY mugs. What will NY152 say today I wonder? DIY tutorial on the blog tomorrow!

Alexa Zurcher




  • Corina

    Very cute! You've got Mail is most definitely my favorite movie as well. Know all the words. Sing the soundtrack often.

  • Emily

    LOVE this! Your creativity has left me smiling this morning and craving a showing of You've Got Mail!

  • Kaitlin Rose

    I LOVE this!!!! You've Got Mail is one of Meg Ryan's best. And Tom Hanks. I love him.

  • Ashley Kelly

    I totally have Ballet Shoes, it's been part of my book collection since I was little. Dancing Shoes and Theater Shoes are good ones too! And the daisies are perfect. Love the color coordination 🙂

  • Laurie

    Oh my goodness, I am such a huge You've Got Mail freak. I have an old VHS copy that I have watched so many times. I can recite all of the lines. My husband finally bought me a copy on DVD this past year because he was afraid I was going to wear out the VHS. I love the DIY mugs. So cute. I actually just went on a You've Got Mail filming locations tour in NYC just a few weeks ago. I blogged about it here:

  • ellen

    I love getting dessert at Cafe Lalo when I'm in NYC.

  • Whitney

    Oh. My. Word. I stumbled on your blog like a week ago and from this post, I know we'd be best friends. That is my very favorite movie. I adore it! And Tom Hanks… I may have a little crush on him. Also, I'm dying to live in NYC! My husband and I have been several times and I would love to live there. We're actually taking our kids for Thanksgiving!! (I might regret that once we get there as they are a little young. oh well) Anyways, great post! Looking forward to your tutorial.

  • Bri Lamkin

    okay now…this is perfect.

  • Claire

    Couple mugs?! Haha these are perfect!! I love everything about this, especially those bookends!

  • Amy

    Love everything about this post. Not to forget, it's the go to movie when we're sick!! It's the only movie that will do!!!

  • Unknown

    Ahh I love everything about this post! It makes me wanna go watch the movie now. Also, you should definitely sell those mugs in your etsy!

  • Sierra's View


  • Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party)

    LOVE this movie, and this is all so adorable. You have such talent Alex!!!

  • Callie Beale

    Oh gosh I LOVE coming across others who are also crazy about YGM! It makes me feel like less of a "lone reed" hehe 🙂 I am going to NYC next weekend and plan on going by the filming locations! Cant wait to check out your blog!

  • Callie Beale

    BEST PIN OF ALL TIME! I am crazy about Nora Ephron and this movie! You are totally the most awesome person in the universe for this.

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