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DIY “Hello” Doormat

DIY Doormat and DIY Welcome mat

Every afternoon at four o’clock, you can find Ellie and me on the front porch. It seems to be the time when she starts to get cranky and I’m really wishing Brian was getting home soon. Popsicles are magic at four o’clock!

DIY Doormat and DIY Welcome mat

On one of those said afternoons, I kept looking at our dingy doormat. After a year of lawn trimmings, storms, and windy nights, our front mat was looking a little worse for wear. The corner looked like it had been chewed off and it was ripped in three different places. Which is too bad, because it used to be so cute! Of course, it still worked as a mat, so I wasn’t about to get rid of it. I just needed to find some way to make it look…prettier.

DIY Doormat and DIY Welcome mat

Spray paint seems to be my best friend these days, so  I decided to test a little on our poor little mat. I had just pinned this doormat on Pinterest and loved the look of it. Thankfully, we almost always have spray paint lying around, so Ellie and I got to work. We covered the whole mat in this teal blue paint and let dry for about twenty minutes.

DIY Doormat and DIY Welcome mat

Then I took out some white acrylic paint and a brush to paint on the “Hello.” Again, let dry for at least 30 minutes. Voila! A new mat in a matter of minutes. 

DIY Hello Doormat with spraypaint

A new coat of paint and our front porch is looking better than ever. Well, minus the pot of dead plants. I really need to get a green thumb! 😉

DIY Hello Doormat with spraypaint

Alexa Zurcher




  • Ashley Lee

    Love it!

  • Anonymous

    SO adorable!

  • Unknown

    I love it! And it was so simple, I may have to try this. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Brook M

    What a great idea, and I love that you recycled the rug to make it into something new and prettier.

    Sunflowers & Love

  • Corina

    Great little craft! I wish I had handwriting as good as you!

  • Marli

    ummm, HELLO! this is ADORABLE.

  • Kasey At The Bat

    this is too cute! I love that you upcycled an old one!

  • Unknown

    I'm so glad you posted about this! I noticed it when I came to your house and was going to ask if you bought it or made it! I should have known because you are so creative and crafty!! I absolutely LOVE it! So did you only have to do one coat of paint??

  • mks

    this is so cute. funny story..i had the same mat and this spring i was noticing it was super faded as well. i spray painted ours a similar color and did an S on it with white paint. spray paint is amazing, no? 🙂 great minds think alike! you are just too cute.

  • Alexa Zurcher

    hahaha no way!!?!? That's amazing. I totally want to see yours!!

  • Cammie Smith

    So cute! Makes me want to do ours!

  • Whitney @ Southern Hope

    Super cute!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my goodness that is adorable! I love spray paint. It is totally a can of 'new life' for whatever it touches!

  • Reni

    AHH! I want this!! Getting pinned and getting made!

    the little lion girl

  • marci @ the wallace house

    this is the cutest! now i'm totally bummed i tossed the old doormat in the trash when we moved into our house! this definitely would have done the trick!

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