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Happy Playlist

Happy Playlistmama and babypretty pink rosesthanksgiving pointhappy dancing music
photos taken at Thanksgiving Point

Happy Friday eve! Happy (almost) weekend! I’m just stopping in for a quick minute to share my favorite happy songs with you. Ellie and I LOVE to dance and this is one of our favorite playlists to accompany our silly moves. It’s happy and upbeat, just the way we like it. And while I’m not much of a dancer, this little could care less as long as we’re twirling. Here’s 25 happy songs to wish you a very, happy weekend! XO
P.S. Happiest Birthdays to my little sister Grace (14) and little brother Zac (11)! Love you two!
Alexa Zurcher




  • Unknown

    Beauty photo! 🙂

  • kensiesmith

    I am in love with this playlist! And Thanksgiving Point! And you!

  • Corina

    Love this! We've been listening/dancing all morning!

  • Unknown

    I LOVE Mindy Gledhill…especially "I do Adore"….its always on my playlists multiple times!! This is such a fun playlist, thanks for sharing!!! Coog and I will be dancing to this often! 😀

  • Brook M

    I love that song by Train, it's a great song for a "happy" playlist!

    Sunflowers & Love

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