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Life lately

uncle zac

^^ Uncle Zac has been in town and Ellie couldn’t be happier having her best bud here. ^^

chicken salad

^^ Grilled chicken salads on hot summer days. Totally hits the spot! ^^

family time

^^ Park days with Gramma and Zac. Or as Ellie likes to say “Me-ma and Zaaaaaac” ^^

sunday baking

^^ Sunday baking started out looking like this and ended up with Ellie (and my kitchen!) covered head to toe in flour. It was worth it, this girl was entertained for HOURS! ^^

blog friendsellie and ryan

^^ Karina and Ryan, our blog-turned-real-life-friends came to town again, so we had to get together and let those kiddos play. They had a blast running around the playroom and splash pad, while their mama’s chatted away. ^^

brian zurcher

^^ With family/free babysitters in town, I’ve had a lot more dates with my favorite guy. The best! ^^


^^ Could this summer get any better? And I wish this girl would stop looking so grown up! ^^

Alexa Zurcher




  • Karina Marie Powell

    Ellie is so dang cute! And we miss you guys! That picture of Ryan and Ellie is priceless. PS date nights are the best ever.

  • Larissa

    beautiful pictures!

  • Amy

    Love spending time with your amazing family. Thanks for opening up your home to us. We love you all SO much! xoxoxoxoxo

  • Alexa Zurcher


  • Alexa Zurcher

    So fun seeing you two! XO

  • Alexa Zurcher

    We're so happy you're here! What are we going to do when you leave?!?!?

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