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5 Minute Hair

This is a whole new type of post for me! I’ve never shared any beauty or hair tips on the blog before, mostly because I don’t really know any, but I knew I had to share this one. While I would love to have lots of time in the morning to do my hair, most mornings I don’t have more than a few minutes. The last time I was getting my hair cut, I was discussing this with my fabulous hair dresser, Penny, and she showed me the easiest way to do my hair. It took less than five minutes! Turns out, my little sister’s have done this with their hair several times as well (I’m a little behind!) This is my go to hair in the mornings when I’m running late for church or know I don’t have time to blow dry and straighten or curl. All you need is a headband and possibly a few bobby pins. Easy peasy!


And would it even be a real blog post without a picture of Ellie (and her baby doll?) XO

IMG_8201 copy

Alexa Zurcher




  • Jennie and Husband

    This is beyond darling + simple!

  • Jerrica

    Love it!!

  • Marli

    HOW ADORABLE. SO going to try this sooooon.


  • Brandi


  • Amy

    So cute! Must have great ideas like this for mama's on the go!

  • Laura Nelson

    perfect! i pinned it so i can go back later and try it for real!

  • Larissa

    love this. it looks like something i might actually be able to do. thanks!

  • Meg

    Shut up. So cute.

  • Rachel Sayumi Porter

    You are so pretty!!!!

  • Kylie

    If you're careful, I'm sure you've discovered the curls that can result from this style, too!

  • Caravan Sonnet

    Oh my goodness! SO cute! Can't wait to try this!! 🙂
    🙂 Rebecca

  • Timber

    I love doing this to curl my hair. I use two headbands so that it gets a little more curly. I love it as a hairstyle though too!

  • Natalie

    My hair is long enough for this! Must try it!

  • P

    I LOVE THIS! omg this is exactly what I'm looking for!! Way cute!

  • Susan Stange

    I love 5 minute hair-dos! And the fact that you do it when it's slightly damp? The best. Thanks!

  • Alicia Snow

    Whenever I do my hair like this, people always ask me how I did it. It's so funny that it's so simple, but it looks fancy.

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