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Birthday + Fathers Day Celebration!

This year, Brian’s birthday fell on Father’s Day so we had a weekend full of partying! We kicked off the weekend with a spur of the moment date on Friday (thanks for watching E, Grandpa!) Of course, our date ended with us stopping by Target to buy more diapers. Funny how that seems to always work itself into date night now 😉

happy bannerhappy fathers dayfathers day presents

Saturday morning Ellie and I made some crepes for breakfast. We had been up since the crack of dawn (great weekend to start weaning. I sure thought that one out thoroughly!), had already been to the grocery store, on a walk, taken a nap, and watched cartoons, all before 7:45 am. Ha! We sent the boy off golfing for the afternoon. Later that night, I surprised Brian with ANOTHER DATE! Birthday dinner at Tucanos and the American Authors, The Script, and One Republic concert in the evening. Seriously, SO FUN! (Thanks Halie & Jason for being in on the secret and watching E!)

briantucanosone republic concertone republic concertone republic concert

And of course, more breakfast, food, dessert, and opening presents on Sunday! Ellie and I loved celebrating our favorite guy. I don’t know what I’d do without him! He keeps me laughing, keeps me from going crazy (more like crazier!), and works hard for our family. Love you B!

birthday breakfastyogurt and granolafathers day breakfastbrian and ellie

I never got a chance to post anything on Sunday, so here’s a late, stole it off my instagram, shout out to three of our favorite guys! Happy Father’s Day to the best dad’s around!

happy fathers day

Alexa Zurcher




  • Amy

    You and B are so lucky to have each other! Happy birthday and happy fathers day to one of the BEST!! xoxoxoox

  • Caravan Sonnet

    aww!! this looks like such a fun weekend!! 🙂
    🙂 Rebecca

  • Unknown

    Love this post! I really hope to be a cute mamma like you some day 🙂 You are always just radiating love even though life is not always a walk in the park 🙂 Thanks for your light!

  • Meg

    You're always the very cutest.

  • Kirst Semler

    So sweet! Happy Father's day and Birthday to your husband!

  • Karina Marie Powell

    You are so creative! And happy birthday (and Father's Day) to Brian!!! We miss you and Ellie

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