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(The Best) 3 Ingredient Guacamole

3 Ingredient Guacamole

Last week we decided to hold a quick get together to wish a few friends bon voyage! as they head out of the country this summer. Seriously, how fun would it be to live in a foreign country for two months. Sign me up! Brian and I decided to put together a quick chips and salsa bar, probably because it sounded easy. Not only was it easy, it was absolutely delicious!

Guacamole Recipe

I also decided to make some of my absolute favorite guacamole. My mom made this all the time for us growing up and I love it. It’s now Brian’s favorite guac recipe too! Not only is it delicious, it’s seriously so easy. Up until this time around, I never measured any of the ingredients, I just added a dollop here and a shake there and called it good. But for the sake of this post, I actually measured it out.

Easy 3 Ingredient Guacamole

Ready for the list of ingredients? You’ll only need 3 things (see, I told you it was easy!)

  • 3 ripe avocados
  • 1/2 cup sour cream (we’ve used regular, light, and fat free sour cream and they all turn out great)
  • 1 tsp garlic salt

The best guacamole

Simply cut and scoop out the insides of the avocados. (Minus the pit. Seed? Whatever it is, get rid of it!) Add sour cream and garlic salt, then smash together with a fork till desired texture is achieved. Serve immediately or store in fridge in an airtight container. We tend to make guacamole a lot at our house. We love to use it in all our Mexican dishes and as a spread on our sandwiches (soooo good!)

black bean corn salsamango salsa

Along with guacamole, we also served my mom’s famous salsa (mmm!), corn and black bean salsa, and a mango/avocado/black bean salsa along with a bean dip. My mouth is watering just thinking of it. It was a perfect little snack for a warm summer evening!

Speaking of my mom…it’s her birthday today! Happiest birthday Mama. Hope it’s the BEST one yet. Thanks for being such an awesome example. partner in crime, best of friend, loving mama, and awesome grandma. Love you! xoxo

Alexa Zurcher




  • Amberly

    Yum!!! I think I will definitely be making this soon 🙂

  • Claire

    I've never had guac without lime in it, I'll have to give it a try!

  • Amy

    Best guac ever! Thanks for the shout-outs! Its been such a fun day

  • Brooke @ Silver Lining

    Living out of the country for one summer is the DREAM. Long enough to experience the culture, but not so long that you begin missing America and everyone in it. Love the pics, as always, Lex.

  • April @ Hansen Love

    yum!!! I am going to make that for this weekend camping! thanks for the recipe! Ps. happy birthday to your mama!

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