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A Little Peek into our Monday Nights

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it here and there on this blog, but Mondays are a special night for us. Growing up, my family (and Brian’s too!) always held Family Home Evening on Monday nights. We didn’t play with friends that night. We didn’t plan activities away from home. Monday nights were reserved for family time.

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we are encouraged to hold FHE every week. It is a time for us to connect as a family, study our scriptures, and of course, have some fun. I don’t remember all the lessons we had during family night growing up, but I do remember some of them. Each Family Night consisted of six things: song, prayer, scripture, lesson, activity, and a treat.

When I was eight, we lived in Bountiful, Utah. It had been particularly snowy that winter, so for our family activity, my mom suggested we jump out of the dining room window into the snow. We were all thrilled! I was certain that was the coolest activity in the history of family home evening. One summer we had a whip cream fight outside and we always loved playing hide-and-go-seek ball tag…in the house. 😉

When Brian and I were first married, we weren’t always the best about holding Family Night, but now, especially since having Ellie, we have made it a priority. One night a few weeks ago, I decided to take a few pictures during our Family Home Evening, to give you a little peek at what we do on Mondays.


We always start with a song and prayers. Ellie loves to sing Popcorn Popping, I am a Child of God, and I Love to see the Temple. While Ellie isn’t always still for the prayer, she is learning how to bow her head and fold her arms quietly. Next, we read our scriptures. Usually it’s only a few verses from the Book of Mormon. We also like to read scripture stories from the picture book.

IMG_7544 IMG_7542

For the lesson segment, we teach Ellie lessons from our Primary class that we teach a church. The kids we teach are a little bit older than Ellie, but they are still simple and short for Ellie. Sometimes we like to watch short videos that go along with our lesson. Ellie’s absolute favorite video can be found below.



This particular Monday we had a few slices of juicy, delicious watermelon for dessert. Ellie is a huge fan of watermelon and with summer on the horizon, it was a perfect treat!


For our activity, we took a long family walk around the neighborhood. Ellie stands by the door mulitple times a day, begging to go for a walk, so this was the perfect family outing. Our Monday nights aren’t very fancy, but it’s so nice to have a time set aside each week for family time!


Also, have I mentioned how much Ellie loves self-timer photos? For the few weeks after these were taken, we took pictures in this spot every day! 🙂




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Alexa Zurcher




  • Danielle

    So cute guys. Ellie is so lucky to have such fun parents!

  • Amy

    Love it! Can't wait to see future ball tag, whip cream fight, jumping out of windows into 6 feet of snow photos! One day soon! Yay for Family Night 🙂

  • Claire

    It really is hard to feel motivated to do FHE when it's just the two of you, or even with just a baby who you think won't understand any of it but I love the ideas for how to get a little toddler involved because I'm sure she loves it! Great job!

  • Laura Nelson

    ahh we have the hardest time holding FHE because we always get caught up in school & having a newborn! we need to get back into it! my family used to jump off the the balcony outside my parents bedroom onto the trampoline below! by far the best activity we ever had! 🙂

  • Stacy G

    Love your Monday tradition and your pictures! Adorable little family. Oh and your mom sounds super fun!

  • Unknown

    Thank you for sharing, I need to be so much better about this! I know that though my baby boy is young he will start to understand more and more!!! All these different places we live at, I'm sure this is something that can stay consistent for him.

  • McKadriana

    I love the photo of Alexa and Ellie reading scriptures! Beautiful 🙂

  • Unknown

    So much fun!! I love that you are sharing a little bit of what being LDS is like and some of the things we do to learn and teach the gospel in our families. Great post!

  • Unknown

    What a great peek into your Mondays! I love your pictures and that video. Thanks for sharing!

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