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DIY Potato Stamp Wrapping Paper

When I was little (long before Pinterest!) we used to make potato stamp wrapping paper for almost every occasion. Not only is it easy, it probably kept us entertained for awhile. 😉 In fact, I believe I even have pictures in my scrapbook somewhere! Maybe I’ll pull them out and share them sometime. Anyway, last week, I found a few potatoes in my pantry that were starting to sprout, so instead of throwing them out, I decided to put them to good use! Cute custom wrapping paper in the matter of minutes? I’ll take it!

DIY Wrapping Paper

Supplies needed for DIY Potato Stamped Wrapping Paper:

Roll of white craft paper

Potato, halved

Kitchen Knife

Acrylic Paint


DIY Potato Stamp

I started by cutting my potato in half, then with a kitchen knife, cut a simple triangle. (See, I told you this was going to be easy!)

DIY Potato Stamp

After I dumped some acrylic paint onto a paper plate, I proceeded to dip my potato into the paint. It didn’t come out very even, so I just used a paint brush to smooth it on.

DIY Wrapping Paper

Now its time to stamp! The first few times I didn’t press hard enough. After a few tries, I learned to hold it for a few seconds and press each corner down. I wanted it to have that “stamped” look, so I used the potato 2-3 times before dipping it back into the paint.

DIY Wrapping Paper

Voila! A few minutes later I had some custom wrapping paper. I’m thinking I’m going to try some teepees on my next batch. What do you think? 🙂

DIY Potato StampDIY Potato Stamp

Alexa Zurcher




  • Danielle

    SO cute! And I'm the worst at wrapping presents. I never have wrapping paper. I never even thought to make it!

  • Unknown

    Adorable, and something I never would have thought of. 🙂

  • Alexa

    Oh my heck. ADORABLE! I may have to do this from now on. So simple!

  • Tasha Johnson

    I am totally going to try this out sometime! How fun!

  • Amy

    I remember doing this with you when you were little for all of our Christmas and birthday gifts. Back then, you got more on you than you did on the paper! Love creativity!

  • April @ Hansen Love

    WAY CUTE. I love this!

  • P

    this is a fabulous idea!! wow, potatoes!

  • Unknown

    What a cute idea! I would love to do this with some kraft paper that I use for gift wrapping.

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