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Oh, hello again! Yeah, yeah, I haven’t been around here much but I have so much to share! Like, how I finished finals last week (wahoo!), had the three-day local boutique – the Beehive Bazaar, and took a quick trip to St. George. That’s a pretty good excuse to why our suitcases are still sitting in the corner half unpacked and why I haven’t blogged in awhile, right? Right?

Anyway, now that I’m finally getting my act together (I hope!), I have more Norway photos to share. I took over a thousand photos during our 12 day adventure, so narrowing them down has been tough! Our fabulous tour guides took us on a little road trip and we ended up in Oslo for a few days! Oh, I fell in LOVE with that beautiful city! It reminded me of New York City, but a little cleaner and a little less crowded. The architecture and colors were amazing, and I couldn’t get enough of all the happy, yellow buildings.


^^ This picture was taken as we were driving on the highway. All over Norway there were little red, white, gray, and yellow houses ^^


^^ Road trip breakfast: chocolate rolls. Yes, BREAD AND CHOCOLATE COMBINED. Could there BE anything better? (said in Chandler Bing voice) ^^


^^ Cute house across the street from the park ^^


^^ Before we hit downtown, we stopped by Frogner Park in Oslo. It’s a huge 80 acre park featuring over 200 (very naked) statues made by the same sculptor. Ahhh-mazing! (And it counted for extra credit for my sculpting class 😉 ^^


^^ Downtown Oslo we found the coolest wall. So cool that I got these kiddos to pose for a picture with their Aunt Lex! ^^


^^ Happy, yellow buildings. Sigh ^^IMG_4262

^^ Take me back! ^^


^^ “We look like tourists.” –B ^^


^^ Sleeping baby ^^


^^ I have no idea what this building was called, but it sure was beautiful! ^^


^^ Visiting the King’s Castle! ^^


^^ My green striped scarf from Jacob’s Scarves went everywhere with me in Norway! ^^


^^ “Act like you like each other.” “We’re brothers, we don’t do that.” ^^


^^ Obligatory photo with the Norwegian guards. Ellie was obviously thrilled. ^^


^^ Walking the streets of Oslo ^^


^^ Ellie LOVED Aunt Liesell ^^


^^ Scarf turned sling on our way back to the hotel. ^^


^^ Gorgeous church. And I saw nuns for the first time! I’ve been secretly dreaming of seeing nuns since I watched The Sound of Music when I was little….ha ^^


^^ These crazy kids dancing in the street. If you look wayyyyy in the background, you can see the castle! ^^


Oh Oslo, you stole a little piece of my heart! More photos coming soon! XO

Alexa Zurcher




  • Courtney Chalmers

    I love your Friends' references! I was laughing so hard.

  • Amy

    Looks like you had so much fun!! I love all of the many colors, so bright and cheerful!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  • P

    AHH this is now on my bucket list! It's so beautiful! And your photos definitely do it justice! Norway is one of those countries you never really hear about, but it's like a little corner of beautiful <3

  • Unknown

    love. love. love!

    I must go!

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