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General Women’s Meeting

This weekend I had a chance to attend Women’s Meeting. It is a worldwide broadcasted meeting, held twice a year, for women 8 years and older. All the messages are uplifting and hopeful, for they are spoken by some of the women leaders of the LDS Church and a Prophet of God. It’s broadcasted to churches around the world, as well on tv  and online! I felt honored to be apart of such a large, glorious crowd of women. I am proud to be a woman and I am proud of my divine roles to be mother and a wife. Here are a few of my favorite quotes taken from some of the talks. You can download and print them at the bottom of the page.

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This coming weekend is one of my absolute favorite weekends of the year. The women’s meeting was a jump start to a weekend of listening to even more peaceful and inspiring messages! We cook up good breakfasts and listen to these messages from the comfort of our own homes. I always have questions beforehand and every time I watch General Conference, my questions are answered. You can catch a glimpse of what this meeting is about below, or watch on Saturday and Sunday here.


If you are interested in printing out the quotes above, click on the link below, download, extract, and enjoy!

Feel free to share any of the quotes above, just link back with love! xo


Alexa Zurcher




  • Ashley Ziegler

    How cute!! Did you design all the backgrounds yourself??

  • Alexa Zurcher

    Thank you! And yes, I did 🙂

  • Sierra @ Sierra's View

    I love these, girl!!! Well done. So cute.

  • Kaela Frame

    THIS is why I LOVE your blog! Because you are cute, and talented, and you share your talents so beautifully! So sweet of you do have these ready so quick, and for free. Seriously, you're a gem.

    (p.s. wasn't it seriously SUCH an amazing meeting?!!!)

  • Hannah Joy

    Thanks, Alexa! You are the cutest! You are seriously so talented. Thank you for sharing your love for the gospel through your blog!

  • The Snows

    Wow I love all of them!! I just posted one online 🙂

  • Mariasha

    Just had your blog recommended by my friend Susan, and I seriously love it! I'm also LDS and live in Utah and I'm always looking for fellow Utah mom bloggers to follow! You're adorable and I can't wait to keep reading your posts! I'm not very good about going out of my way to make new friends but after the women's conference I'm trying to be better! So if you're interested in making a new friend I'd love to talk and get to know you:)

    Mariasha Rowland

  • Dominique

    These are adorable!!! Is there anyway they could be formatted to be printed vertically? I have some cute frames that I thought these would be great in for YW or VTing but would only work vertically. Thanks!

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