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christmas, three weeks late

Christmas 2013 is one for the books! We were all so, so sick. And I mean, so sick. Stomach flu sick. Yuck. I’m pretty sure there was only one day the whole time we were there that we all felt ok. Looking back, it’s pretty comical. In the moment, pretty pathetic! 🙂 Regardless, we still managed to squeeze in a few holiday traditions.


^^ Mary & Joseph (not a pregnancy announcement 😉 and new Christmas pjs! ^^


^^ Joseph, Mary, Ellie the lamb, baby doll Jesus, inn keeper, wise man, and narrator ^^


^^ annual Christmas pj picture with Lisa & Rick ^^


^^feeding the reindeer, then eating the reindeer food. ^^


^^ Cookies for Santa ^^


^^ Baby doll from Santa and book from Gramma ^^


^^ Canadian candy bars from Spenc! ^^


^^ a few of Ellie’s gifts. Temple book, homemade dolls from Aunt Erin, and a homemade ABC book. Her favorite gift not pictured: a bunch of little toy dogs my mom picked up for 25 cents. She loves them and takes them with her everywhere. ^^


^^ We skyped with our favorite missionary! Ahhhhhhhhhh!! ^^


^^Ellie loves her Uncle Zac! ^^


^^ Finally feeling better! ^^


^^Christmas dinner, 4 days after Christmas. We were all too sick to eat on Christmas day.^^


^^ Whew, what a fun, sickly vacation. 🙂

Alexa Zurcher




  • bonbon

    Your family looks so much like you- it's insane!

  • Amberly

    I'm jealous of Ellie's flexibility. I wish I could bend over like that and eat something off the ground 😉 ….if eating something off the ground wasn't gross haha

  • Jessie

    Funny, but not funny in the moment. I love the ABC book. What a cute idea! Merry belated Christmas!

  • Jessica

    Oh! We were in the same boat! Glad you were able to have some wonderful moments dispite the sickness!

  • Kelsey Eaton

    such a bummer to be sick over the holidays! but that homemade abc book is amazing. i love it!

  • Amy

    Such a cute post. Yes, it's a bit humorous to think about now! I love all of E's gifts! I love the amazing dolls that Erin made for her (seriously, so talented!) and the amazing ABC book you made. Lucky Ellie! We love all of you so much. Thanks for makin' more memories with us!! xoxoxoxox

  • Cindy Sharkey

    I love the homemade gifts from such a talented family. Even if you were sick at least you had each other. Everyone does look a little on the pale side…..

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