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before & after: kitchen & dining room

It’s been 3 months since we moved into our new house and it’s high time I show you some photos! It’s been a long road coming, a LOOOONG few months. But definitely worthwhile! I am convinced renovating a house is like recovering from giving birth. Weird analogy, I know. 😉 But it’s true! While the adrenaline is running, everything is so exciting, so wonderful! And then, bam, it wears off. And all you want to say is “oh crap, oh crap” (sorry, mom. We don’t say oh crap, but when you’re knee deep in renovations or you bent the wrong way after giving birth, it just comes out. 😉 Oh, and then the tears come. Both situations can be rather emotional. Ha, Brian can attest to both. But then, when it’s all done, you can’t remember any of the bad stuff. No pain. No tears. Nothing. And that’s why we do it again and again. 😉

IMG_5914IMG_5915 IMG_5916

Ok, ok, end of rant. Let’s move onto the before and after pictures. This is what the kitchen looked like when we got the keys. Oh, and after an hour of cleaning. You can only imagine what it looked like an hour earlier. The four college-age boys who rented the place from my brother-in-law were rather…….disgusting. Gross. Slobs. Smelly. You get the picture. Thankfully we hired a cleaning lady to deep clean the place after we got all their junk out. Just looking at these photos makes me want to barf.


Then the miracle cleaning lady came and spent eight hours, EIGHT HOURS, cleaning the entire house. And boy, it sparkled! The kitchen was nice, really nice, but not quite our style. It didn’t quite fit “us.” Brian put in new hardwood floors and we painted the walls. Boy, did it brighten the space! Only problem was that the cabinets totally clashed with the floor. Bad. Secretly (or not so secretly. I’m sure I voiced my opinion quite often during this process) I was glad that they clashed so bad, because that meant we could the cabinets white! We both agreed that would look a million times better and when we found a painter who gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse, we went for it!


I absolutely love how it all turned out. LOVE! I wasn’t a huge fan of the granite until we painted the cabinets, now they really pop! We painted our originally black table white, it fits the space so well. I can’t believe the overall difference the renovating and painting made to the room. It’s so happy, so bright, so inviting! We love to cook, bake, and gather in this space!


Wall color: Beachcomber by Olympic

Cabinet color: Ultra White by Valspar

Floors: Brazilian Walnut laminate hardwood from RC Willey

Curtains, chandelier and mirror: Ikea

Stools: Walmart (cheapest place to find these stools! I looked everywhere for them and Walmart had the best price by far)

Clock: Target

Family Proclamation: Collectivity Lane

Table and Chairs: thrifted

Alexa Zurcher




  • Amy

    Apology accepted 🙂 Haha, but yes I know (and probably even taught you…) that "oh cr**" does just sneak out once in awhile. Great analogy between birth and renovating!!! Your house is darling, you two sure work well together. You are both such hard workers….doing a job until it's done right! Love everything you've done. Can't wait to see you TOMORROW!!!

  • Mags

    Your kitchen looks beautiful! Great job!

  • Cindy Sharkey

    I love your comparison! Good things come from hard work. Relax and enjoy, it really turned out great. 🙂

  • Alicia Snow

    It looks great!

  • April @ Hansen Love

    Oh my it looks so good! I can't wait to see the rest of the house. We moved into our house in May, and our cabinets are absolutely horrible, and I've wanted to do something with them! you're look great!

  • Claire

    Beautiful! I love the white cabinets with the big window light 🙂

  • Jessie

    So fresh! I love it!!!

  • Kate Greer

    It looks great! I I'd love to paint our cabinets white- hoping that someday I'll get my husband on board!

  • Laura Rahel

    gorgeous rennovation!

  • Unknown

    The white cabinets are my faaaav!! So fresh clean and classy! LOVE

  • Julia

    GORGEOUS! Seriously..what a transformation!

  • Bri Lamkin

    love it! So jealous you live somewhere you can fix up. Dying for white cabinets. Also, love the family proclamation print.

  • Emily

    Wow! That looks great!

  • Corina

    Everything looks wonderful! Absolutely beautiful!

  • Corina

    P.S. You're a GENIUS for hiring a cleaner and someone to paint your cabinets. I will just call you Genius Lex.

  • P

    That. Is. Amazing. It really paid off!! That's an amazingly cute kitchen now. Haha and I like the story about the college boys and the cleaning lady 😉

  • Jana

    It looks amazing! You guys did such an awesome job with it! I'm so glad you provided a link to where you got The Proclamation, because it is so flipping cute and I definitely want one. 🙂

  • jessica

    It looks so good! It's amazing what paint can do!! Also, your family proclamation print is adorable!!
    Jessica @

  • Rachel Sayumi Porter

    Lex. It's PERFECT!

  • Cassie Tremblay

    Wow! Looks so great, I love white cabinets, you have a great eye for decorating, can't wait to see the rest of the house! PS-your moms comments on all your posts are the sweetest!

  • Chelsea Davidson

    this looks great!! i can't wait to be able to fix up a house one day!

  • Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party)

    Love it! Amazing what some paint can't do. I love a white kitchen, it just "lifts" the whole space!!!

  • Unknown

    Yay! It looks so good! – Court |

  • Leah Bryant

    I LOVE it!!!! 🙂 It looks so so great! I've been anxiously awaiting some photos of the new house. 😉

  • Laura Collard

    Soooooooooooo beautiful! I love how bright it is. This is inspiration for me as we look at buying houses realizing how we might be able to make small changes that will really make it our own Love it!

  • crissy // mama boss

    It looks incredible! So bright and inviting.

  • jane

    I love it!

  • Amberly

    It looks awesome!!! Your floors are my favorite!!! 🙂

  • Samantha @ Designer in Teal

    LOVE IT! It is so bright and fresh 🙂 What a huge difference! The floors are my favorite too! Would love for you to join in my design in your home link-up. I feature my favorites every month!!

    XO Samantha

  • Unknown

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that!!!! Absolutely!!! xoxoxox

  • jeni a.

    Woo woo! Looks awesome. Way to go!

  • Anonymous

    i was thinking that your kitchen looked really familiar, and then i realized that my sister lives in the same condos you do! the pictures of ellie on the playground, i've played on that playground with her kids before. small world 🙂 it looks absolutely lovely 🙂

  • Kirsten Wiemer

    love it, it looks so good!
    i wish we weren't in a rental, then i could do some updates.
    love clean kitchens like this, beautiful!


  • Unknown

    Wow, your kitchen looks amazing! We are right in the middle of a kitchen reno as well, so I feel your pain, but I am so excited to see how it turns out! 🙂 Can't wait to see more pictures of your new house!

  • Susan Stange

    Oh my goodness! It turned out so great! We've been working a bit on our house, too, but it is slow going! Patience… Patience…

    Sue//Chevron and Lace

  • Cristina

    I love your blog! And this transformation is beautiful! This layout looks exactly like mine and I'm curious.. are you in a house or a townhome? If you're in a townhome I'm seriously wondering if you're living in my complex! 🙂

  • Alexa Zurcher

    Ha, no way! We totally are in a town home!!! Are you guys in Lehi? We may be neighbors!! Small world!

  • Cristina

    Aw we're in Spanish Fork! This is the EXACT same layout though, down to every detail where each cabinet is, the vent, lights, everything is the same so I was like "This has got to be in our complex!" Haha must be the same builder or something 🙂 Anyway, I love following your blog– your pictures are always so cute!

  • Laurie

    Oh my gosh, it looks so good! I love how it turned out! Looks like a kitchen right out of a magazine!

  • Lindsay

    This looks so great! Do you mind sharing where you got your white buffet that is pictured?

  • Lindsay

    This looks so great! Do you mind sharing where you got your white buffet that is pictured?

  • Unknown

    I LOVE what you've done! Just wondering who you got to paint the cabinets??

  • Sam

    Such an amazing transformation!! I can't believe it's the same kitchen! Love how bright and welcoming it turned out

  • Unknown

    This kitchen is gorgeous and my inspiration!! We live in an apartment now so there isn't much I can do to "transform" our kitchen to how I really want it…but I'm thinking of painting our chairs and table….what is the name of the paint you used for your chairs?? I have such a hard time finding the right blue, it always dries darker than I want or expected… I'm sure you get annoying questions like these all the time…so sorry!!!

  • Alexa Zurcher

    THANK YOU! The chairs are the exact color as the valspar light blue (not baby blue) spray paint! It's my go to spray paint for everything, I love the color!

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