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a quick update. oh and some photos.

st. george trip60IMG_8396 copyst. george trip57

we’re alive and well, I promise! though from the looks of it, I can see why you would think otherwise. I’ve been MIA from blogging for too long! ellie and I snuck away for a few days for a little St. George retreat, and boy oh boy was it fun! poor brian stayed home to finish up some house projects, I married such a good man! now we’re settling back into our routine, which hopefully means some more blogging in the future 😉 happy monday folks!

Alexa Zurcher




  • Kimber

    LOVE your haircut and especially the bangs! bangs are bomb!!

  • Ashley Brickner

    Love your bangs!!! 🙂

  • brittany @ g squared

    She is absolutely adorable!!! Beautiful family 🙂

  • Cindy Sharkey

    Love the pictures & looks like you all had fun in St. Geo. xox

  • Unknown

    LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT!! AND Y-O-U!! (: xoxoxox

  • Lynda

    love the new hair cut…I don't think i've ever seen you in 20 + years with your hair not parted on the side and for the first 10+ with a cute clip or bow 🙂 !! LOve it

  • P

    Love that hair of yours lex!! Oh my goodness Ellie looks so happy in that picture next to zac! What a great smile 🙂 totally in love with all of these pictures. Xoxo

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