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“Because she is a Mother” Jeffery R. Holland

Alexa Zurcher




  • Tara

    I love those quotes and your pictures are beautiful!

  • Ashley Wright

    Beautiful! Everything about this post is beautiful!

  • Amy

    Incrediblly beautiful quote, post, and photos! What a touching tribute to amazing mothers everywhere!! Not to mention how much we all love Elder Holland! He sure is incredible.

  • Corina

    Oh I love this! It really spoke to me this morning, especially since I didn't fall asleep last night until 2, and I had to wake up at 7 to drive Jordan to work today, with 2 feedings and a diaper change in between.

  • P

    Beautiful lex!

  • Cindy Sharkey

    You two have just the same smile in the last photo. Motherhood is worth every tear, tired moment, skinned knee, laugh, teenage minute and worry.

  • Candace

    This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. And your photos? Amazing.

  • kirsten and josh

    thank you. that is the best reminder ever.

  • Unknown

    Loved that!! You are beautiful Lex! along with your little munchkin!

  • Kylie

    I don't think I've ever commented before, but I can tell you that this is exactly what I needed to read today, so thank you 🙂

  • Courtney

    This is exactly what I needed today! Now Im going to go read the whole talk! Thank you!

  • Southern Elle

    um thank you!! This is wonderful and sweet. I needed this.

  • Laurie

    Such sweet photos!

  • Anonymous

    This post is just darling!

  • Unknown

    What a beautiful post 🙂


  • sam&charlie

    way to make me tear up, lex!!! sometimes us mommies just need a gentle reminder like that. 🙂 love our job.

  • kristin

    so, SO great! thank you!

  • Kalynn Eve

    That last picture. Swooning.

  • Brielle

    this post is perfect, lex! and of course, it made me cry. i'm such a crazy pregnant lady.

  • Courtney B

    I can't even tell you how much I love that quote!!
    All of these pictures are so cute and perfect… but that last one? *sigh* It doesn't get better than that!

  • brypeterson

    Wow that was amazing. As a young married just aching to become a Mom I was filled with so much hope and excitement because of this post. Simply perfect.

  • April @ Hansen Love

    absolutely amazing! Thanks for the post. E is beautiful just like her mama.

  • Amy Harris

    i absolutely love this 🙂 being a mother is the greatest gift.

  • Kaylie

    Wow. I needed this today. Thank you for being so inspiring!

  • Rachel Sayumi Porter

    this is so beautiful! You make me so excited to be a mama!

  • Mindee

    Makes me cry every time I read that quote. I need it so much these says, I'm so grateful for prayer and the lords help!

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