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When the Zurchers come to town–Part 2

To save some $$ while the fam was in town, we all purchased a Pass of all Passes. (It’s basically a year pass to get into the waterpark, arcade, miniature golf, local baseball games and a few other places. We got them for a steal of a deal). Let’s just say, we got our money’s worth and more out of these babies! (Well, until I chipped my tooth on the boat ride. That’s going to cost significantly more to fix than the pass, haha 😉 Ellie LOVED 7 peaks. She loves water and she loves people, couldn’t have been more perfect for her!
Our little water baby. Loves to drink it, loves to swim in it!
Our attempt for a photo. Oh well. 🙂 And again, missing a shoe.
Crazy nephews and crazy Aunt Lex.
Alexa Zurcher




  • Anonymous

    Ellie was so funny in all these pictures. love that little gal!

  • Amy Harris

    pass of all passes. best thing ever… even though all of utah county also has them 🙂 haha we love to go to the owlz games!

  • Adrienne

    I came across your cute blog via Amy Harris. What a precious family you have!

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