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I left my heart in California

I stole these photos from my sister’s camera.
We’re returning from California today and man, I think we all could stay another week!
Ellie loved having her toes in the sand. She just loved the sand, period.
That, the birdies, and all the extra attention. 😉
California, we sure love you!
Alexa Zurcher




  • Amanda Schroeder

    LOVE these pictures. Your sister looks exactly like you. Hope you had a blast in California!

  • Diary of a Brown Eyed Girl

    GREAT pictures!!

  • A+J

    You have the cutest little family!! Love the pictures.


  • Lizzie Ann

    I love that you and your sister look so much alike! Oh and Ellie is adorable!

  • Cindy Sharkey

    There is nothing like the BEACH and family! Thanks for making the trip so much fun with you, B & Ellie. Glad we got lots of pictures.

  • Alicia Snow

    Oh how I need the beach! Great photos.

  • P

    I know! I definitely could have stayed there another week! Let's go back, ok? SOON 🙂

  • larajanepark

    I am so very glad you all came to CA! It was most definitely the highlight of our year! Naptime with Ellie on the beach on Sunday was one of my most favorite moments. It was such a blessing to BE TOGETHER!!! Better than all the riches in the world…. xoxox

  • Unknown

    Aww you have the cutest family!! Love these pics! Newest follower. I would love it if you followed me back on GFC or Bloglovin. I would love to have ya 😉 Now I want to go to the beach.

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