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Girls Camp Recap

Last year, my mom was Stake Girls Camp Director. (Meaning, she’s in charge of 200+ girls camping for a week!) Her one year assignment turned into two, so she’s off camping again this week! I thought I’d do a little recap of last year’s girls camp, a year later. Yeah, yeah, I’m super behind. What else is new? 😉 I was hired for all her design needs (and by hired I mean, she birthed me so I owe her 😉


The theme for camp was “Shine and Light the Way,” so of course we incorporated lots of sunshine and happy colors. Pictured above are the posters and reminder cards. (She had a coupon for 200+ free business cards from a shop in St. George, so she printed out a bunch to hand out to the girls and leaders)

binder cover invites

For all the leaders, I designed these binder covers and invitations. I got the easy, fun job. My mom got to put together the packet, program, and all the information. I lucked out 😉


The t-shirts were one of my favorite parts! They’re happy and bright (and I won’t tell you how many times a week I wear mine!) P.S. Sorry mom, I stole all your camp photos. I was huge and pregnant last summer, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to go camping.

necklace and subwayIMG_1838IMG_1817IMG_1819IMG_1839IMG_1848

My mom came up with these darling bottle cap necklaces. She ordered all the supplies off Etsy (I’m not sure which shop specifically) Pretty sure she’ll tell you they took awhile to put together, but they turned out super cute!


These subway prints were put into spray painted frames (possibly from the dollar store? I don’t remember now) and then set on each ward’s table.


And possibly my favorite things to design, a whole bunch of quotes! These were hung up all over camp and on the bathroom mirrors and stalls. All the quotes my mom picked out went along with the theme.


I know I’m forgetting a whole bunch of the other stuff they did, but seriously, how cute did it turn out? My mom is AMAZING! (and so was her assistant Nicole!!!)


You can catch a little sneak peak of this years Girls Camp over here. 😉

Alexa Zurcher




  • Jessica

    You are so talented!!

  • Unknown

    Love it! What a great theme and I love love the necklaces!

  • Jana

    Oh man, those all turned out so cute! What an incredible talent you have. 🙂

  • Dresden

    Wish I had that stylish of decor back when I was going to girl's camp 😉 great job, it's adorable. Oh and I checked out a sneak peek of this years, so so cute. Love your style!

  • Lizzie Ann

    You did such a good job! Are the prints from last year up in your shop?

  • Nichole Keele

    wow, what a talent you have! those are all adorable! i especially love the t-shirts!

  • Emily

    What fun! I might have to make some bottle cap necklaces with the YW in my ward!

  • Hello Sarah Eggett

    you should do a basic tutorial for illustrator 🙂

  • Unknown

    What did you use to create all of this?

  • Mindee

    oh my goodness everything turned out soooo cute! great job to you ladies!! ps, do you do blog designs? I love all the things you made!

  • P

    Sooo. Many. Bottle caps. Haha I love all these cute ideas! Awesome!!

  • Cindy Sharkey

    I know your Mom and all of you were very busy for months before camp. Good job! Bet all the girls went home with many happy memories.

  • lisalynn

    Your Momma is amazing Lex. You guys are all so creative and I'm sure she loved all of the helping hands.

  • sam&charlie

    gahh! girls camp has SUCH a special place in my heart. love all the designs you made for it! the colors and theme are too cute. you talented thing you!


  • Carm

    This year we are planning on doing something with the sun for our ward camp. Do you have printable a available? These are perfect!

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