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summer days


Oh how I wish I could freeze the time on these glorious summer days! Though we’ve been busy packing away our little house, we make sure we squeeze in time for some fun. My days home with Ellie are spent taking walks through the park, pool play dates with little friends, soaking up some sunshine (and attempting to get sunscreen on a wiggly baby!), running bare feet through the grass, and then waiting ever so patiently the front door for daddy at the end of the day. More often than not, I will put her down for bed and fall asleep right beside her. We’re always on the go with Miss Ellie around. 😉

Alexa Zurcher




  • Rachel

    She is such a cutie!

  • Amanda Schroeder

    THat last picture on the right? Ah. So cute.

  • Unknown

    Oh get outta town with her beauty. Hehehe. JK! Love you two ladies! xo

  • Amy

    I LOVE how your basket/chest is the blockade to the front door! Makes me laugh!! (only because it's something I'd do!) She looks like she is trying to figure out how to get outside! So cute. xoxoxoxo

  • Unknown

    Do you ever get tired of hearing how cute Ellie is?! 😉

  • Marli

    eeek! sounds like you and e have some amazing, fun-filled summer days. happy day, alexa!


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