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Spencer’s Farewell

{I’m backtracking a little to last weekend! We were in St. George for my little brother’s farewell talk. He is now a missionary! I can hardly believe it!} 

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early for church! Spencer was set to give his farewell talk at eleven, and we had to be at church early to grab a few soft seats 😉 Ellie really wanted to cuddle with grandpa that morning while he continued sleeping.IMG_1178IMG_1183

And then she decided to give gramma some loves


We took a few pictures before heading to church. I’m not quite sure where Brian and Ellie were at the time. Ooops!

 IMG_1225 IMG_1226 IMG_1219_2 IMG_1228

After Spencer gave his AMAZING talk (that was cut a little short since the girl before spoke for quite awhile…:) and we went to our other meetings, we enjoyed a little family lunch. My mom worked hard all week to get everything done before Sunday, so we wouldn’t be running around like wild turkeys!


Our dear friends, the Mortensen’s, came down for the event! The only was who was missing was dear Halie (who was in LONDON! Lucky duck!)

IMG_1243  IMG_1398

After lunch, we held an open house for all of our neighbors and Spencer’s friends to come over and say goodbye. Grace and Hannah were in charge of the snow cones, they were a hit!


There were a ton of people and a ton of treats! Spenc had so many people who came to wish him well!

IMG_1305IMG_1289 IMG_1290   IMG_1315

I made Spenc a little graduation/mission announcement and a few food decorations. We figured we better give out his addresses to all his friends and neighbors, so we put them on a bookmark!

IMG_0939  IMG_0951IMG_1287 

Little Ellie is going to miss her uncle! 

  IMG_1258 IMG_1277   IMG_1430IMG_1301 IMG_1253IMG_1303   IMG_1419IMG_1369IMG_1327       

And then we all proceeded to Seminary graduation! It was a wild day!


Can’t believe my little brother is so grown up! And a foot taller than me 😉 Love him to pieces!

Alexa Zurcher




  • tifsong

    that first picture of ellie laying on grandpa melts my heart.
    love this fancy little going away party! 2 years always goes by so fast!!

  • Kalynn Eve

    I still can't believe that kid is a missionary! The call family is all stuck at the age I knew them as when I was a little 3rd grader.

  • P

    So wish I could have been there but it looks like you all celebrated deliciously 🙂 and with much company! Great party portraits lex! loves to you all!!! Love reading the updates 🙂

  • Unknown

    Skipping his graduation? Holy crapola! haha. Congrats to him and your family! Prayers for him 🙂 p.s. Cutest mission farewell ever!

  • Cindy Sharkey

    Thank you for letting me be there in your pictures! What a great day and a great brother.

  • Laura Dunford

    We will have to keep an eye out for your brother here in Calgary if he's ever in our ward. It's a great place 🙂

  • Jaqui

    Tell him to bring some warm clothe because the winters up here are td very fun. Super cold and lots and lots of chinook wind!!

  • Rachel Sayumi Porter

    ahhhhhhhh my brother is giving his talk on sunday, and leave wednesday. crazy. did he really skip graduation!? if so, that's awesome!

    and ellie cuddling with your parents is just so darling, it tugs on my lil heartstrings.

  • Amy

    This was such a FABULOUS weekend!!! We packed in so much fun!!! Thanks for always being there to document it all. We miss that boy like crazy, but there is a strong sense of peace that takes over. He is right where he should be and we are so happy about that! Love you so much! xoxoxoxo mama

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