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Today my heart is filled. I am so grateful to be a mother to my sweet, determined, happy girl. I am grateful for the late nights, cheerios on the floor, early morning giggles, popsicle sharing, diaper changing, and all the other joys (and hard times!) that come with being a mother. Thank you Ellie for making me a mom! It’s the most challenging, beautiful, wonderful, rewarding calling in the world and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!


I am also grateful for my sweet mother-in-law! She raised such a fabulous son whom I now call my husband. She spoils Ellie and I rotten and we just love her so! Happy Mother’s Day Mama Z!


And last, but surely not least, Happy Mothers Day to my own sweet mama! Words cannot express how much I love her. After having a daughter of my own, I’ve learned just how much she has sacrificed for me over the years. She’s always been my best friend and a perfect example of how I want to live my life. I love you mama!!


Hope all of you moms, expecting moms, and future moms are enjoying your sweet day! XO!

P.S. I just came across this fabulous talk about mothers and this inspiring article. Great Mother’s Day reads!

Alexa Zurcher




  • Amy

    Isn't being a mother the best?? And I LOVE the article, especially since it's by Elder Holland. He is amazing – so sympathetic, loving, and understanding…a perfect example of following the Savior! Love you so much sweet girl. Thanks for making me a mama for the very first time!! xoxoxoxo

  • Marli

    yay for amazing women called "moms." i hope you had a happy mother's day, lex.


  • Cindy Sharkey

    You are a beautiful Mama Alexa! You are lucky to learn from your Mom. xoxo

  • Alie

    Isn't that talk FABULOUS? I've watched it several times over the past few weeks and it's always made me start sobbing.

  • P

    Happy first (technically second?) Mother's Day Lex! You are gorgeous, and so is your daughter. You make me so proud to be your cousin, and are probably one of the best examples in my life. I hope you had the best day celebrating it! xoxo paris

  • Unknown

    Agreed to what Paris said! I always remember of when I was little and looked to you and was so stunned by your beauty and being so kind to me and just thought, I wanna be like Lex when I grow up! I still feel that way about you, and always will! You are so amazing, and as Paris said, I am so proud to be your cousin!! I love you so much! Happy Mothers Day! (a little late) xoxoxo Chloe

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