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if you need a giggle today….

…ellie is pretty good at making us all laugh around here!

(and that stain on the couch? ellie’s drool. takes after her mother when she sleeps! 😉

Alexa Zurcher




  • Laura Nelson

    oh i love her giggles! baby giggles are my favorite!!


  • Grace Call

    She is SO CUTE! I can't wait to see her!!

  • jeni a.

    Haha, go Ellie! Love love this. Get better soon!

  • Mila

    so darling! couldn't help but smile!

    xo. m.

  • Marli

    hahaha! yup, this just totally made my day. 🙂


  • Unknown

    This is too cute!

  • Cassi

    That is a fantastically good belly laugh!

  • Unknown

    oh my goodness i love baby laughs! so cute!!

  • Brooke @ Silver Lining

    Oh my. My oh my. I'm dying.

    And we can talk about the fact that I fell asleep on my husband's shoulder last week and when I woke up there was a puddle of drool on it. Drool happens.

  • Melissa Andrea

    I've definitely watched this about ten separate occasions today. So dang cute.

  • Cindy Sharkey

    Everyone needs a laughing baby in their life! Thank you Miss Ellie 🙂

  • Unknown

    How adorable! This makes me excited to be a mom 🙂
    Feel free to stop by my budding blog, Slightly Strange.
    I would love new followers and any advice you can give!

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