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little fish

Sometimes, Elles and I get a little cooped up in the house during the day. Now that it’s getting warmer it’s not as bad, but last week we were ready to get out! So we starting scheming and planned a family outing to the pool! Of course we chose the absolute coldest day of the week to go (it snowed all day!) Thank goodness for indoor pools! Ellie was a little hesitant being in the pool at first, but quickly warmed up. She splashed, kicked her legs, and met a few little friends. Daddy got really protective of his little girl every time the big kids would run by splashing (so cute!) We totally looked like first time parents as we toted my camera and the underwater camera around, taking photos of Ellie’s every move. 😉 Before we left, Ellie took her first dunk, thanks to her mother’s help. She didn’t even cry, just looked a little surprised! We have a little fish on our hands. Hurry summer, hurry! We’re ready to swim again!


Alexa Zurcher




  • Larissa

    How cute is this? Seriously whenever I read a new post of yours it makes me want to get on the baby making train right away.

  • Grace Call

    Hey i recognize that swimming suit! haha! I love your blog posts!

  • Rachel Sayumi Porter

    oh my goodness, so so so cute!! That place looks so fun and baby/child friendly with the swings and stuff!!!

  • Julia

    Aw! How fun!

  • Kirithinks

    where'd you get that adorable suit?! you always find the best ones!

  • Gloria {Lia}

    ahhh this is so adorable! the first one is absolutely my favorite. glad you had fun. 🙂

  • Jana

    So cute! That suit is so adorable on her. Where did you take her swimming? Those little water swings look awesome! I want to take Joshua swimming real soon. We should make it a little play date!

  • Caravan Sonnet

    I am stopping on over from Greet Trees & Red Roses where I read the article about you! SOO delighted to have discovered your blog and can't wait to read more! Thrilled to be your newest follower!
    🙂 Rebecca

  • Amy

    Yay! She has the "mermaid" in her, just like the past 5 generations (all the way back to Gramma Mom / Estella as far as I know!) Love it! She is adorable, you two are perfect first time parents, and yay for gifts of swimsuits from your little sister!! (with grammas mad shopping skills…I think I paid $2.50 brand new!!!) Glad you inherited those mad shopping skills from me 🙂 Hope B is happy about that, too! Haha!

  • Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout

    How fun! I'm so excited to start teaching our little guy how to swim. What a cutie!

  • Emma Frances

    Adorable! We need to find ourselves an indoor pool!!

  • jeni a.

    Cuuuute cute cute! What a fun thing to do – good idea, mama! Play date soon?? 🙂

  • Unknown


  • Cassi

    Claire has that same suit! So adorable on both of them!

  • Melissa Andrea

    Oh, this is adorable.

  • Mila

    you've got one beautiful family.

  • P

    oh i love this last little family photo!! what a cute little fish fam 🙂

  • Cindy Sharkey

    What a fun family outing, especially on a cold and snowy day. She does look like a little fish (sharks in the family , you know…)

  • Claire

    I love that that little girl next to her is looking at her like she's the coolest person ever! Can't wait to put Ava in a swimming suit 🙂

  • Becca Moss

    Love this, how fun! I can't wait to take Wyatt swimming!

  • Alexa Zurcher

    it's from lime ricki 🙂 i love it!

  • Alexa Zurcher

    oh that would be fun!

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