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we celebrate half birthdays just so we can eat cake.

Watching the Food Network is a terrible thing. Terrible, I tell you!

Especially the baking shows. Awful.


It makes me want to bake awfully delicious, ooey-gooey sugary things.

So when Ellie’s half birthday came around I knew it was the perfect excuse to bake a cake!

Well, half a cake.

A lopsided one at that.

Although the lopsided-ness wasn’t on purpose.

Anyway, I whipped up one delicious incredibly amazing homemade cake from a box.

(I did make some homemade frosting however. Those judges on cupcake wars would’ve been proud.)

And I put my ziplock bags to use and whipped up a few numbers to go on top.

Yes, ziplock bags. No fancy-smancy decorating stuff around here. (One day, one day)

Twenty minutes after I took a few photos, the cake broke in half. Both ways.

It was devoured by morning.

Yes, we eat cake for breakfast around here.


Happy half birthday Elles!

Thanks for giving us a great excuse to celebrate.

And make cake.

Sorry you didn’t get any.

Hope that graham cracker was just as good. 😉


Alexa Zurcher




  • Bekah

    This is such a cute idea!!! Love that it is half a cake!!!

  • Amy

    Perfect!! It's always a good thing to have a reason to celebrate with cake!! Love that little girl. Her big eyes are beautiful!!

  • Anonymous

    oh, that cake is perfection.

  • crissy // mama boss

    Cute, cute, cute! Love your yellow plate. 🙂

  • Katherine

    love this idea!

  • Unknown

    That is seriously the cutest thing ever! It makes me sad that we didn't do anything fun for Holland's half birthday! Haha. Oh well! Also, Ellie is adorable!

  • Haley

    Every. Little. Thing. I love it!! Happy Half Birthday to your sweet girl! Seriously little E is too adorable for words.

    My Ava just had her first birthday, but she was sick 🙁 So I'm going to make a cake next week for her…I've done chocolate numbers/letters before, but never covered in sprinkles…BRILLIANT!! Thanks for sharing! xo

  • jeni a.

    You rock, girl! Cute cute cute. And Miss Ellie is adorable!

  • Jessie

    hehehe Those numbers look delicious! Celebrating everything little things about our babies is so much fun, isn't it?

  • CasiDee

    cutest cake ever!

  • Jana

    Oh cute! Those number turned out great. 🙂 Good job! And cute baby, as always.

  • Cindy Sharkey

    Haha. Love the half cake. Mean mama, not giving any cake to the birthday girl……. But at least mom & dad get to benefit!

  • Chelsea

    Wow, your cake looks amazing! I love looking at food on pinterest and ig!

  • Unknown

    My mom made us half cakes for a few birthdays when we were younger. 🙂 I think it's such a fun and quirky idea. I love the simplicity of your photos!

  • McKenna Lou

    What a cute idea!! I love the idea of half a cake. You are so clever. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog! The design is wonderful and the content perfect. I will definitely be following you on bloglovin! xx. McKenna Lou

  • kylee

    i totally do the cake from a box/homemade frosting thing. sometimes the box cake just taste soooo good!

  • Ashley

    What a cute cake!

  • Meghan Kingsford

    Oh my goodness that is the most gorgeous cake topper! Stinkin' cute.

  • arre

    This is so darling! Would you mind sharing a how-to on the topper?!!

  • Melissarneff

    Yes, I second Aree- would love to know how you did the topper!! We have been doing half birthdays for both of my girls which they love! THanks in advance for sharing!

  • Unknown

    Love this idea! Could you please elaborate on how you made the numbers please? Thanks 🙂

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