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folding laundry is her new favorite thing

especially when she plays games with Daddy!

Alexa Zurcher




  • Amy

    That is positively adorable! I'm laughing out loud at her darling squeals of laughter!!! And I'm so impressed those two are folding laundry together!!!

  • Emma Frances

    She has the most adorable laugh! I love finding the random things that crack babies up!

  • P

    Her laugh is the best! It makes me laugh!

  • Brooklyn B.

    her laugh is adorable. makes me smile 🙂

  • Rachel

    Firstly, this is totally adorable. Secondly, I just showed this to my husband and said that our daughter never laughs even though she's the same age as E so he decided we were going to make her laugh! He did exactly the same thing with a cloth and she broke out into these massive giggles which went on and on! It's the first time she's ever laughed properly! Such joy 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  • Unknown

    That laugh. Oh my gosh, she is so so darling. Makes me baby hungry!

  • Eryka

    Aw, the squeal and the laugh. love it!

  • Jana

    Haha, those squeals and giggles! She is just a doll. How fun. 🙂

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