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Annual Presidents Day Weekend of Nuttiness


Every President’s Day Weekend (since the beginning of time, or close to it) we all get together in St. George, celebrate Paris’ birthday, tour the Parade of Homes, craft up a storm, hike Johnson’s Arch, and take a whole bunch of crazy photos. And thank goodness, this year was one of the first years we didn’t all get sick! Ellie loved getting lots of attention all weekend long, Brian and I enjoyed a few dates all by ourselves , and man oh man, we loved soaking up that gorgeous sunshine! I just adore this crazy, silly family of mine!

Alexa Zurcher




  • Marli

    yay for crazy fun times spent with family. 🙂


  • Kate Costello

    This looks as though it was such fun =) Love the happy, silly, joyful photos!!

  • Unknown

    Hi Alex! Nice you are back!!!! Miss your posts!!!!
    I am a follower from Peru =)
    I have one question about your pics, have you edited them? Which program did you use?

  • Amy

    Perfect blog title for the perfect, crazy weekend. Loved every minute of it and especially love that it's such a fabulous tradition and that we just keep adding people to the craziness…first Brian, now Ellie, and next year no Spencer! You and B might have to add another one here pretty soon…. Love ya! Traditions are the best!

  • Eryka

    cuteee! did you dye your hair? its cutee!

  • April @ Hansen Love

    hahah cute! I love the pictures of E eating your face!

  • P

    I love all of these pictures! Woohoo for crazy fanulous families and photos! xoxoxo are you making that photoshoot video? hahahahaha "crazzy BOY don't you know that I love you!!" 😉

  • larajanepark

    BEST TRADITION EVER!!!! xoxoxox

  • Ashley

    aw looks like so much fun!!

  • Ashley Wright

    Hey Lex, Could you please tell me how you make all your pictures the same width and how you make your collages? I've been trying to figure it out… and can't. I need your expertise!! Please and Thank you!

  • Cindy Sharkey

    I love seeing you all having fun in the sun. Super pics.

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