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a portrait a week

Have you guys seen the “portrait a week” trend going on right now? I love it. An excuse to take more photos of my baby? I’m in! Since E already gets hundreds of photos taken of her a week (and even more with her daddy) I decided to put a little spin on it, and take a portrait a week of the two of us. I always seem to be behind the camera or making up excuses to not get my picture taken. I think it’s important for mama’s to get in front of the camera too!  So here’s a few snapshots from January, bedhead and all!

mom ellie 6  mom ellie 1mom ellie 2  mom ellie 5mom ellie 3  mom ellie 4

Alexa Zurcher




  • Ashley Wright

    I love you two, and I love the new blog design! You are so talented!

  • Unknown

    Your baby is beautiful, along with you 🙂

  • Eryka

    So cute and love the blog look!!!!

  • Jana

    Love the new design! And it's such a good idea to get more photos of you with the babe–I need to do that too. I'm always the one snapping the photos as well. I think it's a mom thing.

  • Unknown

    That is such a fantastic idea! Most moms don't want to be in the pictures, but it's so important. I can't wait to do this when I have a little one!

  • Steve and Nicole

    such a sweet idea. i hate getting behind the camera more than anything! you two will be best friends for life

  • sam&charlie

    so precious. and SO true! pictures with mama are so necessary. 🙂

  • sam&charlie

    so precious. and SO true! pictures with mama are so necessary. 🙂

  • Hannah Lesley

    Such beautiful photos! You will definitely cherish these as she gets older!

  • Jessica

    I had thought about doing the same thing…a portrait of Everdeen and I 🙂 and then I thought it would be fun to do a family portrait once a week!

  • Brooke @ Silver Lining

    Cute little blog re-do! I love that family picture of you three. And you should get in front of the camera more often – it's cute to capture baby and mama interactions 🙂

  • hallahmikaelaharmon.

    your blog is wonderful. just like you. you are seriously an inspiration to me. you are lovely. so lovely i had to share. your button is now on my page. have a fantastic night.


  • Amy

    Oh my goodness! She is positively adorable. I can hardly wait to see her this weekend. And no wonder she's such a beauty, just look at her mama!! You are gorgeous. Just think, by the time I'm snuggling miss E in a few days, we will know where your brother is going on his mission! Ahhh, so exciting!!! Can't wait to see all three of you! xoxoxoxo love ya, mama

  • Larissa

    Seriously I can't get over how adorable your little family is. Keep the beautiful posts coming.


  • Elsha

    oh my goodness. little E makes my heart swoon.

  • Cindy Sharkey

    Love the one of you & E & the camera. She's looking at it like 'when is it my turn to hold that thing?' You look beautiful Lex!

  • P

    I love this. Too much. I love love the one of you two laying on the bed together. GORGEOUS.
    🙂 xoxoxo

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