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I couldn’t resist…

IMG_2912  IMG_2899_1IMG_2922  IMG_2887_2

…I had to post just a few more! Happy Friday!

Alexa Zurcher




  • Allison

    Oh my goodness. That top right picture kills me dead.

  • whit | Black Little Button blog

    adorable! Happy friday to you too!

  • April @ Hansen Love

    that smile is just so stinking cute!!!!!

  • Amy

    I can picture her eyes following you wherever you move throughout the room, and smiling every time your eyes connect. She's one thousand percent in love with her mama. It's very evident!!!

  • Amanda Schroeder

    Is it bad to say I kind of want to kidnap her?

  • Jana

    Don't resist. It's not necessary. We love pictures of Ellie!

  • Amanda M.

    So is the cutest little thing!

  • Unknown

    i have to agree–the top right…that grin–adorable!

  • jessica

    She is absolutely adorable!

  • Unknown

    Um, OMG. Thank you for sharing!!! I love her little face. xo

  • Rachel Sayumi Porter

    you are making me baby hungry! she is just the cutest ever!

  • Unknown

    Um that tush is the cutest thing ever! Our babies should be friends!

  • Laura Nelson

    the cutest baby!!

  • P

    She has a smile so cute it makes me smile every time!!!

  • Libby

    Gosh she is cute!!

  • Hannah Joy

    Your baby makes me want to have a baby!!

  • larajanepark

    She looks so much like you Alexa. Those big eyes!!

  • jane

    Your baby is so cute. And i second hannah's thought.

  • Ashley

    Ah! The top right – I die!

  • Cindy Sharkey

    oh, if I could just get my hands on her….. just so dang cute. She'll be moving all over the place when I see her next!

  • Kayla @ DoodleBug Designs

    OH MY GOSH! Cutest, baby ever!

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