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Baby Must Haves: 4 months

fourth month faves
1: Samsung Smart View Baby Monitor – We love this! Being the overly paranoid first time parent, this is the only way I can let my baby sleep in the other room during nap time. (Maybe eventually she’ll sleep in her own room at night. One day.) I can watch her sleep, make sure she’s breathing, it will alert me if she starts making noise, it’s wonderful. (We got ours refurbished for much cheaper than the original price and it works like a charm!)
2: Chicco Perseo High Chair – This was one of the gifts we received from our baby shower. E loves being in it, whether it’s to watch us cook, play with her toys, or eat some rice cereal. It has adjustable height, reclines, and folds up to fit perfectly in the corner.
3: Bumbo Chair with tray – My mom found this bumbo seat at a yard sale and we use it daily! E looks like such a big kid sitting up on her own. When we set her in it in front of the mirror, she’ll chat and smile to herself.
4: Infantino Square Activity Gym – Oh my gosh, probably my favorite thing we have purchased so far. First of all, it’s darn adorable. Seriously. The dangling toys and mirror keeps Ellie completely entertained and the pillow is great for tummy time. Best of all, it folds up suuuuuuuper easy and fits in the corner of our living room. A must have FOR SURE!
5:Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump and Storage Bottles – Since I started going back to school this semester, I purchased this manual breast pump and love it. It’s quick, easy, cheap, and exactly what I needed to pump just a few bottles weekly. I also recently got the Medula Pump in Style pump, and am anxious to try out an electric one!

Alexa Zurcher




  • Kerri Andersen

    how is it being in school with a baby? I'm gonna do that next semester! any tips?

  • Unknown

    dumb question….how are you making your collage? i've used polyvore, but i have no idea how to add the numbers and all!
    love your favs! She's getting so big!

  • Jana

    So smart to buy the baby monitor refurbished! We don't need one right now since our apartment is small enough that I can hear J's every little peep from anywhere, but when we have subsequent kiddos and a bigger place I will definitely check into that! I love looking at your baby must haves. So fun. 🙂

  • Alexa Zurcher

    i actually just use photoshop and copy over the images i need. you could still use polyvore, then save the photo and upload in into a free photo editor such as picmonkey and add the numbers and such! 🙂

  • Alexa Zurcher

    it's been pretty good! now that i have to really prioritize and manage my time, i pay a lot more attention in classes! haha. 🙂 i also only have 12 credits so that's not so bad 🙂 it's been a little bit of a pain to try to schedule in pumping during the week, but it's good, I'm not so worried about being gone while she's hungry, she has a bottle! take advantage of nap time and when your husband is home for homework 🙂 good luck!

  • Cindy Sharkey

    You're a good mom to pass on all the hints for a happy baby & parents! Wish I would have had some of these fun things for my babies.

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